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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 2.19.15

Happy Friday my darlings!  It is frigid here, again, the entire week has been so cold!  Josh and I had a lovely early Valentines on Saturday in Alexandria, Virginia, wandering around and exploring the super cool Old Town area of the city.  We had a nice dinner and it was so cold and such a windchill after dinner that we took a cab from the restaurant, the six blocks back to the truck!  Sunday I developed a cold that i have been fighting now since then, not sure where or how I got it but it's a doozy!  I went through three boxes of Kleenex on Tuesday and my ear drums still feel like they might explode!  

I went and got fitted for contacts on Wednesday, so that was fun, I caught on right away, BUT right after my fitting I went and got long gel nails which make getting them out a lot harder than it should be.  Still, having them will be nice so I don't always have to wear my glasses in the summer and can wear my many pairs of non prescription sunglasses.  Last night, Josh and I went out for dinner with The Marston's to Texas Roadhouse and had a great time.  It's the first time we have been out with them in the evening so it was fun to all get together.  I have continued to go to the gym everyday this week despite being sick.  I actually feel pretty decent while I'm there but by afternoon I feel like death!

I'm not sure what we are up to this weekend but the weather is supposed to be the warmest it's been since I have been here 16c (60ish F) so we need to get out and do some exploring!  Every one have a fantastic weekend and enjoy my 5!

1. As I mentioned, Josh and I went to Alexandria, VA for a pre- Valentines dinner and wander.  It was super cold but we got to check out the awesome area nd we had an amazing steak dinner at Charthouse.  Check out the sunset overlooking National Harbor in DC, so pretty!  I also got some lovely flowers and for dessert, we had the most amazing dessert i have ever had, this ice-cream topped lava cake.  

2. On Sunday, while the husbands went snowboarding and skiing, us girls and the Duke kids went out for a really delicious, fun Mexican lunch at Cafe Rio.  We had never heard of Cafe Rio, but it had good reviews and and seemed family friendly.  It actually turned out to be great!  Very much Chipotle style (which I love) but maybe even better and it is a much more local restaurant which I also like.  Highly recommend for some quick Mexican.  Also check out their lemonade bar, with tons of yummy  non-alcoholic drinks and lemonades.  

3. In Old Town Alexandria, we stopped at some antique stores, and in one I found this first edition Stuart Little.  I love Stuart Little, E.B White and old books so I was thrilled!  I also found a really old Peanuts book and got some old stamps too.  

4. As I mentioned I got my nails done on Wednesday.  I haven't had dealt gel nails for almost a couple years because of having a hard time finding a decent place to get them done in Peru, and then they were just really expensive in New Jersey.  It is so nice to have them back and Char at Tropical nails is a doll and did an awesome job.

 5.  I decided to use the cold weather time to do something productive, like building a puzzle.  I found this one on Amazon, and thought it wouldn't be THAT hard!  I may have gotten in over my head but I am working slowly at it and am really enjoying it!

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  1. Just looking at that burrito made me hungry!
    Don't you love a nice warm day after it's been so freaking cold? It's supposed to be almost 70 here today - going to make the most of it!

  2. Enjoy your new contacts! I am so grateful I have them, especially in the summer when I run.

  3. I was in Baltimore over last weekend, so I was experiencing more or less the same cold. It was bitter for sure! Now I'm back home in Cincinnati and it's warmer. I hope the weather is better for you all this week too!


  4. Oh man.. NOW I want a burrito. That looks so yummy! And hooray for contacts! But you cracked me up with the gel nails and new contacts. That would be tricky! :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea