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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Quick Day in Disney World

Last Thursday I jetted off with my BFF Miranda to Disneyworld for a couple days before she ran her Run Disney Half Marathon.  Neither of us had ever been before so we had absolutely no idea what to expect or even really any idea about it at all.  I drove the 90 minutes from the house and luckily it was a pretty easy trip. Team Diabetes had set Miranda up at Disney's Pop Century Resort right outside of the park itself and I managed to book in one of the few remaining rooms as well.  When we got there and checked in, we even were able to get rooms right next to each other.  Miranda had to share a room with another runner, so I was on my own, but our rooms were adjoining!  

Our hotel is based on the the pop culture from each decade from the 50s until now and we had so much fun walking around and exploring everything.  

After some quick exploring we went over to ESPN Wide World Of Sports where the runner's Health and Fitness Expo was being held.  We got to check out some cool new running gear and get some free stuff and get fun pictures taken.

We got back to the hotel and I spotted these bad boys... Carrot cake whoopee Pies... sadly I didn't have one.

We didn't really have much else to do so we went and wandered the hotel more.

90's memorabilia, I had pretty much all of this! 

They were playing Big Hero 6, such an awesome movie!

Bright and early the next morning we were up and on the first bus to the Magic Kingdom.  Like I said it was the first time for both of us so we were so excited! 

The train station.

It was still Christmas!  We were even more excited! 

We got our picture taken under the Christmas tree.  I was too cheap to pay for the photo pass photos so bear with me!  


Our first glimpse of the castle!  So pretty!

Trying to get the sword out of the stone!  No success.

Our first stop, It's a Small World.  The things that nightmares are made of, but really cool, and iconic.  

We were hungry since we didn't have breakfast so we stopped at Pinocchio's Village Haus, they weren't open but this place is really cool!

We happened to be walking by a little theater with no line so we went right in, we had no idea what it was, but turns out it was Mickey's PhilharMagic, a short 4D film that was spectacular!  It had a bunch of our favorite songs from Disney movies all in 4D which means the characters were literally right in your face, we got splashed with water, could smell things and got blasts of wind.  The premise was that Donald lost his conductors hat and went through different scenes from a bunch of movies to find it.  It turned out to be one of our favorite things and I could't even take any pictures!

Next we stopped at Princess Fairytale Hall to meet Cinderella and Elena.  This place is so magical and we got to see the real glass slipper!  

Next was Ariel's Grotto for Ariel's Undersea Adventure with Scuttle the seagull as host.  We are both pretty obsessed with the Little Mermaid so this was pretty epic.  

Just up the street was Gaston's Tavern which we were also super pumped about.  We love Beast and know Gaston is the bad guy but com'on, it's Gaston.  We even got to meet him.  

Pretty sure I felt like I was a 12 year old girl in this picture.  Awstruck and swooning haha.

The Frozen Cast singing Let It Go.  Way better in person!

Not great pictures but the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  Pretty neat to be inside, it was even cooler than I thought it would be.  

Jasmine and Aladdin.

Drumroll!  Pretty much the reason I came to Disneyworld (other than Miranda) my Dole Whip Float! The best thing ever in life!  I also like how this little boy was staring creepily over my shoulder in every selfie I took.

Splash Mountain.

Chip n' Dale's house outside the entrance to Splash Mountain!  

We waited in line forever but we had to do it!  Splash mountain!  I was so nervous b ut it was so much fun!  

We were three cars back and I was in the outside so I got soaked!

A dwarf... um, not sure which one but I love them all!

On our way to the exit, we ran into the parade, a lot of times... but it was so cool!  Ariel and the rest of The Little Mermaid Crew.

Wendy, Captain Hook, Tink, Tick Tock etc

Merida on the bagpipes.

Mad Hatter and White Rabbit dancing in the street.

Pinocchio and circus.


Mickey and Minnie.

I'm quite sure Minnie was saying I should come up on the float!

Chip n' Dale!

 By this time we were super tired, so I stopped at Starbucks and got a mug and the jewelry store and got a Pandora charm and we headed back to the hotel.  Miranda had her big pre race pasta dinner so I dropped her off and made my way home.  The drive home at rush hour was a little hairier than the drive there.  Miranda ended up having her half marathon cancelled because of potential thunderstorms.  She secretly signed up for full Marathon the next day and she finished!  How amazing is she?

Disneyworld is awesome and I can't wait to go back and see more than just the Magic Kingdom!

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