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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 1.27.17

Happy Friday Friends!  What a quiet week!  We had one heck on a storm and the weather has been hit or miss so I have not been doing a whole bunch other than going to the gym and cooking really good meals.  We officially have a new president that is making some big changes already, and the first month of 2017 is almost over!  That's about all that I can think of that is new, how sad is that? haha anyway, enjoy your weekend wherever you are!  xx

1. Smudge received her first ever Rescue Box in the mail yesterday.  The proceeds go to feed and give vaccinations to shelter pets.  She could not wait to open it (I assume she could smell the catnip through the box) and played with the box and the contents for a solid hour.  She got a laser pointer, a catnip filled pickle, a bag of catnip, a ball that makes bird sounds and a bag of treats.  Some great treats and a great cause.  If you want one you can order one here.

2. On Saturday I was one of the over 500, 000 people that descended to the Capitol area of DC for the Women's March.  It was an amazing experience and I am glad I did it.  I am not one of the super anti- Trump people but I do not want to see anyones rights taken away and, it is our right to protest and make our feelings known.  Sadly, the actual cause was over shadowed by some of the celebrity speakers that took things a but too far and by the media showing the very small amount of extremism, but the people that were there, knew why they were there and were respectful and I think we proved a point.  

3. I have been eyeing this piece of art by one of my favorite local Tampa area artists, Natalia Logvinova, for a few months, and she messaged me yesterday that she needed to make some room in her studio and was willing to give me a really good deal, so I was sold.  For anyone that remembers, I have a blue elephant also by her above my couch in my living room so this will make a nice addition to our house.  Check out her art at NaTa Art Decor.

4. I have been getting my Try The World box, every couple months and one of my favorite things so far has been these cookies.  And, crazy enough, they are Canadian.  I finished the pack of Maple Shortbread I got originally in my box and I had to get more.  Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. is based out of Ontario and doesn't ship to the US but thankfully the Try The World website also sells them.  If you are in Canada, watch for them at trade and craft shows all over the country, or just order some, they are amazing!

5. I love Seltzer water and recently found the Polar Seltzer Christmas flavors at my local Weis Market.  they are so yummy I have to go back and stock up!

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  1. Maple Shortbread cookies sound amazing!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful flamingo painting, just makes you so happy to look at it!! Cookie goodness....YES!!! Have a sweet and cozy weekend!!

  3. That flamingo painting is gorgeous!! Love it!

    & I have to check out "Try the World", that sounds like something right up my ally :).

  4. Wow, that flamingo is so gorgeous! Those cookies sound amazing too!