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Thursday, January 26, 2017

My 2016 Year In Review Post That I Forgot To Do

I'm not going to lie, 2016 was not my most exciting year in the books, BUT, I still did and saw some pretty cool things.  I also totally forgot to do a year in review until about three days ago, which I also think I did last year...  Some one remind me  next year please!  If you are interested in seeing more about any of these things, they are pretty much all on the blog.    On that note, here it goes!  

Of course oat importantly, this year I walked 1,893 miles, which is fairly similar to the distance from my hometown of Kyle, Saskatchewan, to where we are right now, Waldorf, Maryland.  
I started off 2016 in Florida and came to Maryland about halfway through the month of January.  The day after I arrived in Maryland, we were hit with one of the largest snowstorms on record.  We got around two feet of snow in not even two days.  Not the greatest welcome, but we made the most of it. 

Shortly after that, and the snow had melted, we made our first trip in to Washington, DC.  And went to a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurant, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.  

Our next day trip was to Calvert Cliffs, filled with fossils.  I also had my first Soft Shell Crab, and I'm hooked!

I turned 33 and had the most amazing brunch in DC.  It was also one of the coldest days of the year, which always seems to be a theme on my birthday.  We went to National Harbor for the first time too.

I got to go back to Florida shortly after after my birthday, and I went to a Blue Jays training camp game.  

We went in to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC and walked around the entire Mall area, which is huge.  

Josh and I got mountain bikes. 

We had dozens of baby ducks and geese around our apartment slo I took a ton of pictures.

We went to a Daffodil and Tulip farm and I picked a bunch of both. 

We also went to the Cold War Spy Museum that same day.

And to Manassas, home to some of the biggest and most important battles in the Civil War.

We went back to Florida for Cinco De Mayo, and Josh's Dad and stepmom came to visit. 

And I saw my first stingray in the wild.  

I picked strawberries with Lindsey and the kids.  

I made friends with a massive snapping turtle in the pond by our apartment.

We went camping at Assateague Island, and got to see some of the amazing wild horses that live there. 

We also went to Ocean City and hung out on the Boardwalk.

We went to a lot of Southern Maryland Blue Crabs games, out local minor league baseball team. 

We went to the Air and Space Museum in DC.

As well as Arlington National Cemetery. 

We  took a group camping trip to the Shenandoah River with the Marston's and the Dutkiewicz's were we kayaked down the river and spent lots of time around the fire. 

On that trip we also checked out the Luray Caverns.

After waiting a year, I finally got my 10 year Greencard.

We celebrated July 4th at Lindsey and Dave's with some friends.

And I won the box at Blue Crabs Stadium for the July 4th baseball game so a bunch of us went to that too.  

I went back to Canada for a few weeks to spend time with friends and family.

We  celebrated Grandpa and Grandma's 65th wedding anniversary. 

I took day trip with auntie Lorri and Uncle Glen to Moose Jaw and Regina to the Legislature and to the Burrowing Owl Centre.

We had an amazing dinner at the Grant Hall Hotel.

We went to Ag In Motion to check out some cool farm stuff. 

We took a girl's trip for dessert and coffee to Rabbit Hill Teahouse.

And I caught up with friends.

And had this awesome Bloody Mary at the the Minneapolis Airport.

I got in to the Pokemon Go craze for a month or so.

We went to a Washington National's game and I got heatstroke. 

We went back to Florida and went to the Florida Aquarium.

And this awesome Sangriarita.

I took this awesome picture.

And went to the Sunken Gardens in St. Pete.

When I got back I went to the Butterfly Conservatory with Lindsey and the kids. 

We went on our final camping trip at Westmoreland State park.

Which is right near George Washington's Birthplace, so we had to check that out too.

Smudge turned 9!

We went to FarmAid and saw some awesome Artists like Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Alabama Shakes, and Sturgill Simpson.

Josh turned 32 and I made him the best birthday cake ever.

I went to my first County Fair.

And then I went to Nashville for a girl's weekend for Miranda's birthday.

I fell in LOVE with Fall in Maryland.

We carved Jack o lanterns, and Smudge dressed up as a bee for Halloween. 

We went to the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons. 

We went to Capitals vs Bruins game in DC.

I got Botox for my migraines!

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary at District Chophouse in DC.


We went back to Florida for Christmas and spent it with Josh's mom and Steve and Luke and Vanessa.

We had New Years next door at our awesome new neighbor, Joy's. 

I guess the year wasn't so bad, and I hope that 2017 is even better for everyone!

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