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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fab Friday Faves 1.13.17

How can it be Friday already?  I got back to Maryland from Florida last night, luckily it was about 70F when I landed, so I might survive the weather at least!  Actually, it was the coldest that my area of Florida has been in a very long time this week, it actually got below freezing with the windchill.  I stayed inside that day, and when I ventured out Sunday I wore the only winter clothes I have at the house... A puffer vest, Christmas sweater, jeans and knee high suede boots.  I spent the week alone, which I can't believe was actually almost a whole week, it flew by!  I went to the Dunedin Art Fair on Sunday which is one of the best art festivals that i have ever been too, and then just pretty much spent the rest of the week getting the house in ship shape from  all my company, and doing a ton of yard work!  Now that I'm back in MD I'm really not sure what I am going to do with myself!  Everyone enjoy your weekend!

1. I spent one of my afternoons (actually the only afternoon this week that was warm enough) out at Honeymoon Island.  I walked the Osprey Nature trail and saw dozens of Osprey.  Lots of parent Osprey were out guarding there nests since there are babies in most of them!  I then went to the beach and enjoyed the sun one last time.  Later that evening I went out to Sunset Beach and watched the gorgeous sunset.

2. ON Tuesday I got my hair did!  It was long overdue but I finally managed to get in with Rosie at Salon Red.  It looks so much better!

3.  Since I have already done a blog on it (check it out here) this isn't my number one, but my day at Disneyworld with Miranda!  Just too much fun!

4. I figured since the holidays and my little trips are over I would do a mini reset.  I decided to try a 3 day bone broth cleanse.  I ordered some bone broth from Thrive to try and this was probably the easiest reset I have done.  I felt satiated the whole time and not hungry at all until I was laying in bed at night thinking about delicious food.  The jerky trail mix was my treat on the last night.

5. I got this Pho in Dunedin at PhoEdin after the Art Fest and it was so good!  The broth was perfect and the pork belly was seasoned just right.

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  1. Coming home from a warm vacation to a cold and snowy home is the worst!! It's nice to be away but still rough.

  2. Yay Disney World! I immediately recognized that Dole Whip on the H54F linkup page, haha! #obsessed