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Sunday, January 4, 2015


 When you are always moving around from place to place, you have to learn to take advantage of wherever you, and do things that you will never be able to do anywhere else.  So, of course on New Years Eve, what else is there to do in NYC than go to Times Square?  I don't mean going and standing on the street for 14 hours with one million other people with no bathroom and food.  All the power to those of you that can do that, but I don't like crowds, most people in general and the cold, plus my knees ache when I stand too long.  We went a little different approach, similar to what we did when we lived in Long Island City four years ago.  Us and a few friends bought VIP tickets to a bar on the outskirts of Times Square with an open bar, table service and all the food we could eat.   This year we picked The Beer Authority on 40th and 7th because of there great looking menu and VIP package.

Having NYE in a nice warm bar instead of out on the freezing cold streets also gives the excuse to get dressed up and beautified like I think everyone should.  I love dressing up and it seems like I rarely get the chance so I take advantage of every opportunity!  Nicole and I spent some time shopping for dresses and accessories the days before and had our outfits all planned and ready to go.  One nice thing about having tickets in the Times Square area is being able to walk down streets restricted to most people.  It made the walk a lot less crazy than it would have been other wise.  In the end we only had to push our way through one crowded street.   There were more vendors than usual hawking NYE apparel too.

The NYPD Mounted Police.

The famous ball, ready to drop in just a few short hours!  We didn't have a view of it but we still got to watch it dropping on TV... While being warm!

We arrived at the Beer Authority and thought we better get some pictures before we got all sweaty and rough!

A paddy wagon out the window, also notice all the people still trying to get close to Times Square.  Good luck folks!  If you weren't lined up by 1pm you don't stand a chance.

The Marston's and Josh and I starting the evening with our table service vodka.

Josh and Brett still looking dapper and sober haha.

Josh, Jesse and Ali getting into it.


We found the noisemakers.  This turned into quite the ordeal!

Midnight cheers!

New Years kisses!  aww~!  Aren't we all cute!

I never quite figured out why Terry Crews was shirtless on the countdown, but it was pretty funny!

The view pretty much out our window.  Yup, glad we weren't down there!

More cheers... there seemed to be a lot of that!

 The girls!  With Brett creeping in the background.

And the rest of the night was spent dancing with some Australian girls that were at the next table.

We headed home at a decent time and the Empire State Building was still doing its NYE light show.  gorgeous!

We had a fantastic time as usual, and totally would recommend doing NYE in NYC like this if you can spare the extra cash, totally worth it!


  1. Love it!! Fabulous night! Thanks for all the fabulous pictures!! Xo

    1. haha Finally we got some decent pics from a night out! xo

  2. This seems like the way to go in NYC! Love pics! Loooks like you had a lot of fun! Happy New Year!

    Come link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Looks like a great time! Have a wonderful 2015!