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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Snowpocalypse" 2015

I am sure by now,  that everyone has heard about the "Blizzard of the Century" That was set to hit The eastern seaboard on Monday and Tuesday.  It turned out to be a bit of a bust, but I had planned on blogging on it, and thought I would continue to do so.

Although the storm didn't turn out like everyone expected, It did drop over 2 feet in some areas of Long Island, including where Josh and I spent our anniversary in the Hamptons.  Many people are saying that NY and NJ overreacted to the storm.  Although it did seem a bit premature there is good reason for this preparation.  Does anyone remember a little super storm called Sandy?  And the devastation it brought to thousands of people?  No one was properly prepared for this storm and who can blame the governments for not wanting this to happen again?  I think what some people that are not here cannot understand is the fact that in an area about 1/3 the size of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan there is about 1.6 million people as compared to about 220,000 people in Saskatoon.  There is not one person out there that hasn't bitched about the idiot drivers, traffic and snow removal in Saskatoon, now just think about if there were nearly 5 million people in Saskatoon.  That is what Manhattan is dealing with.  1.6 million people in 22 square miles.  Just think about that info for a second.  Imagine if everyone still tried to be out on the streets in a blizzard, driving, even just walking!  The rest of new York State and New Jersey are really no different either.  If there were not these preparations made it would be utter chaos!  And not people being stupid either.  People just trying to carry on their daily lives, like we would in Saskatchewan.  I must also mention that the streets and sidewalks of the entire city, even with 8-12 inches of snow, were cleaned and safe to walk and drive on by about 9:00AM on Tuesday... None of this waiting a week before you can drive out of your driveway on to the street haha.  Maybe it wouldn't hurt some places to be a little more prepared?

Anyway, In preparation for this blog, I started taking some pictures out our window on Monday morning here is a bit of time lapse for the storm.

Monday 7:30 AM

Monday 9:00AM

Shoprite Grocery Store at 10:00 AM ... Chaos!  This was my biggest issue.... Do people really not have enough Shampoo and Tostitos to make it through 2 days?

Monday 1:00PM

Newport Green Park Monday 1:00 PM 

Newport Green Monday 5:00PM

Monday 6:00PM

Tuesday 1:00AM

Newport Green Park Tuesday 4:30AM

Newport Green Park Tuesday 6:00AM

Tuesday 6:00AM, almost totally clear!

So that was pretty much the extent of it!  It Continued to lightly snow off and on all day.  It was very windy and cold as well but nothing crazy!

I went out in the late morning Tuesday to take some pictures since this was really our first snow that stayed:

I also stopped to get some groceries while I was out.  Love the basket of ice scrapers right by the door!  The second picture is the bread section at the store.  Usually it is so packed I can barely even pull a loaf out.

Streets are clear at 9:00AM!

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  1. I say better to be over prepared than not prepared at all. I'm glad we didn't get all the snow they were calling for but now I fear winter isn't over and this could just be the start!! Great pictures!!