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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 5.20.16

Happy Friday darlings!  I'm back in Maryland, to the bad weather, but making the most of it, because from what Ive heard, soon it will be miserably hot!  I got back on Sunday and had a nice afternoon with Josh in National Harbor... the rest of the week has been quiet!  Nicole got a job that started on Monday so I no longer have my partner in crime, but we did have a nice lunch on Wednesday and tonight the whole crew are going to a Blue Crabs Baseball game.  The weather is looking rainy for the weekend (surprise!) so I'm not sure of our plans, but hopefully we get a chance to do something!  Alright, everyone have a great weekend!  Everyone in Canada have an awesome May Long and be safe!

1. I have mentioned this before but I LOVE the Pierce Street Market in Clearwater.  Last Saturday was the last one until the Fall (It gets too hot so they have one at an indoor location in St. Pete) so I had to make sure I took it in.  Everything at the market is unique and beautiful or totally delicious and the backdrop isn't too bad either.  here I have pictured a few things that I got.

2.   Smudge loves it when I get home and just constantly harass her :)

3. I mentioned a couple weeks ago how I won an Aroma Wrap from Aroma2Go in an Instagram contest and when I got back from Florida it was waiting for me. I have warmed it up and used it a couple times this week and I love it.  So cozy and relaxing and I can use any fragrance that I want in it.

 4.  At the Pierce Street Market in Clearwater I got some Patty's Peppers.  I don't really know how to describe it, but It is so mildly spicy peppers mixed with olive oil, garlic and a few other things that I'm not certain about and it is delicious!  I used it for meatless monday this week iced with spaghetti, zoodles, roasted tomatoes, onions and carrots and some parm.  So good!

5.  Yup, my bath tub at home.  I have honestly never been a big bath fan, but something about my tub and the quietness and mood of the bathroom makes me love having one!  Especially after a massage or day of yard work.

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  1. That cat photo - too funny!!! Clearly not amused :) I'm not a big bath fan either, BUT there is nothing better than soaking in the tub after a busy day. Totally agree! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks as always for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. I might need to get an aroma wrap! Awesome! And big bath tubs are great when the mood strikes even if it is infrequently. Your cat is adorable!


  3. Omg love the cat picture! She looks so ferocious! :D And that aroma wrap seems awesome! I have something similar that I need to bust out again. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ooh! I <3 the FL tee and Octopus art! And OMG KITTY!

  5. I'm a bath lover, so I really appreciate your setup! And I'm cracking up at the kitty mane.