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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our House Now

It has been just over 5 months since we moved into our house.  I did a little post right when we moved in showing some photos of what the house looked like and the furniture we had just gotten.  In these five months, I haven't been able to spend as much time there getting it set up how I want, but we have gotten it more like home and and more personalized.  

The outside is pretty much the same, but right now it is covered in flowers and greenery and is so beautiful!

I'm not totally sure what we will call this room... the pool entrance?  The fireplace room?  The sitting room?  We put up a nice new ceiling fan (one not from the 90s), I got a few things on the mantle (it won't be staying like this but its a start), got the whale in front of the fireplace (which is hard to see with this lighting) and the cute "Beach Bound" sign was part of my birthday gift from Nicole.  The carpet in here will soon be replaced with a nice light/grey faux hardwood, to make it look more beachy.  I am also being super picky about a large larder shelf for the right side of the fire place.

I've posted my collage wall before but this is the whole area. I guess the office under the stairs.  I picked up this chair at my favorite antique store.  Once I have my shelf in the sitting room some of the clutter will be going on there.

The last photos I posted, I didn't yet have doing room chairs so here they are.  I love this set up.  

I found these cute salt and pepper shakers at an antique store as well.

I love the buffet as well (it is a very filled wine rack inside)I know i should hand up the canvas from Peru but I actually kinda like it like this!

The whole living/dining room.

The console/tourism table haha.  The fish my parents got us has moved here as well.  

The living room.  The only thing really different from my first photos is my GORGEOUS elephant water color, painted by a local artist.  

And I still LOVE my window seat and chaise.

The entry way.  Josh and his dad got the coat tree put up for me and it looks so good, except we never need jackets so I am not sure what to hang on it haha! My pallet shelf has now been filled and needs to go up next time I have help at home.  We got the entry way bench with a housewarming gift card from Josh's mom and stepdad.

the entryway from outside.  Haven't done a ton here, but you can see my starfish in the window and my new welcome sign.  I also got a cute little turtle by the bush to greet everyone.  

In the last pictures i put up, we didn't yet have the head and footboard for the bed.  It made the bed so beautiful.  The side tables that were old redone sewing machine cabinets that I found at Antiques and Uniques and they look great too.  I need to do something better above the bed, probably a larger canvas in the middle and 2 smaller ones on the side.  And I really need a new ceiling fan for here but I can't find one that I love.

I found this cute bamboo chair at a flea market.  It will be great for hanging clothes over and such.  Apparently I shouldn't sit on it very often haha.

The master bath hasn't changed much, just a little more beachy.  I also got this little teak shower bench for the shower, from my neighbours "moving" sale.

The kitchen is the same, and this is a horribly dark photo so you can't tell anyway!

The still empty breakfast nook.  I can't wait to get my little table set in here.  I also have a really cool pendant light to replace this one with.  

Downstairs bathroom.

Spare room # 1.  I am only putting this one up here because the other two bedrooms are still pretty much empty.  We obviously still need to add some things to this one too.  

Upstairs guest bathroom.  Someday this one will move out of the 90s.

The stairway.  Needs a fresh coat of paint and a larger piece of artwork but it is fine for now.  I actually love the stairway for some reason.

I also have big plans for our small laundry room, so stay tuned for those!  I did get some cool towel hooks up though.

We still have lots of plans and I will keep everyone updated!

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