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Friday, May 27, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 5.27.16

Happy Memorial Day Friday, Darlings!  We are going out to Assateague Island for the weekend.  For those not familiar, this is a barrier Island near Ocean City, Maryland where wild horses roam in the summer.  We got a new tent and are packing up Smudge and braving the Memorial Weekend traffic in hopes for an awesome weekend.  This week again was quiet, Last Friday was a great day but not too much has happened since then.  It poured all weekend (again!) so it was quiet, and this week has just been really quite.  I had my weekly lunch with Nicole on Wednesday and did the shopping for camping.  On a side note about the rain it rained 19/26 days this month here.  A new record or something. BUT, the last two days have been smoking' hot, its nice but seriously, from one extreme to the other.  Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend to my USA readers, please take a moment to thank a vet, and remember why Memorial Day is all about, and to my Canadian readers, have a good weekend recovering from May Long!

1. last Friday I went with Lindsey, Lily, Ava and Colton to Shlagel Farms, here in Waldorf to go strawberry picking.  It is a super cute little farm with huge strawberry fields along with other vegetables, chickens and all the good preserves, farm raised meat and treats that one would expect to find on this type of farm.  We all had a great time and I came home with strawberries for days!

2. I went for a walk to the duck pond on Tuesday and found this Eastern Snapping Turtle right by the fence.  I think he was trying to escape but this pond is all fenced in.  I grew up loving turtles and we don't have any native to our area in Saskatchewan and I never even saw one wild one growing up so they are still a huge novelty to me and this guy was so cute, and huge!

3. Friday night I got the crew free tickets to the Blue Crabs game down the street.  a bunch of us went and it was fun to enjoy some baseball, beer and fireworks with our friends.
 4. Saturday at the mall I stopped at the Chocolate Moonshine Co. for some yummy truffle sticks.  I got champagne, cherry whiskey, birthday cake and coconut and they are all delicious.

5. I got my May Target Box a few days ago and was once again super impressed.  I have been wanting to try the new hair Food Dry Shampoo and the Sublime Bronze Towelettes especially, but I can't wait to try everything!

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  1. sounds like this weekend will be fun! We'll be moving to DC this summer, so maybe NEXT year we can visit the island :)

    The Midwest Darling