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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sunshine State of Mind

I went back to the house again, I guess it has been two weeks now.  This time, Josh was able to join me for the first time since he left in early January.  We were joined by his dad and stepmom so they got to see the house and the area.  Josh and Toby and Joanne all left on Monday so I had a few days by myself.  Since I had a rental car this time, as opposed to having to take Ubers everywhere, I kept myself really busy, too busy actually, but it was great.  I also fell in way more love with the house, the yard and Florida in general.  Spring time is beautiful and everything is covered in green and blooms and there are butterflies and birds everywhere and I can never get over how friendly everyone is.  A little different than here in Maryland!  Here are a few of the adventure our (and my) time in Florida.

My Pineapple plant and it's baby look amazing!  I can't wait to eat it next time I'm home!  I was sad to find out though that once the Pineapple is picked, the plant dies!

The tree that grows my airplants, that I thought was dead was leafed out this time!  It looks a lot better!

The first morning I of course went and got a Pedicure.  It had been two months, and since the Maryland weather has been terrible, my feet really need it.

I grabbed lunch for Josh and I from Publix.  They have the best fried chicken ever as well as my favorite food ever, my Quinoa salad.

Oh and since it was Cinco de Mayo, we had a Sol and a Margarita or two.

We picked up Toby and JO in the afternoon at the airport and then headed back to the house to show them the place.  After a little introduction we went out and took them to some of our favorite spots, like the Olde Bay Cafe in the marina in Dunedin.  Prettiest sunsets and best Sangria.

Like I mentioned, it was Cinco de Mayo so we took in the parade and festivities in downtown Dunedin.  Apparently one of the largest parties in Florida.  It really was a great time.

We got some sombreros and Margaritas.

I got up early the next morning and headed outside to enjoy the morning.  Look closely and you will see the new friend I made.

We decided to go to Clearwater Beach for the afternoon.  There really is no more beautiful beach anywhere I swear.

We stood with tradition and went to Frenchy's Rockaway Grill on the beach for lunch.  These Grilled avocados stuff with tuna poke are on of my favorite things on the menu.

The view from Pier 60.

The view from Jimmy's Crow's nest.  Beautiful, great drinks and very windy up here!

We stopped at the newly opened Beef Jerky outlet on the beach.  Heaven.

On Saturday, we made our way down the Causeway, stopping at a few beaches and places along the way.

We stopped in at John's Pass, one of the places that Josh and I love the most with tons of boat rides and watersports and restaurants and boutiques.  Joanne's niece actually owns a watersport company here so it was neat to get to meet her. we had lunch at a place I had been dying to go to, Mad Beach Brewing and it did not disappoint!

And we got ice cream of course!

We went back to the house and fired up our new Tiki torches and had some drinks by the pool.

This little gecko spent everyday beside my chair by the pool.

Sunday we decided to go to the Sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, another fave place to visit with family new to the area.  We went to Hellas for their amazing gyro.

And a Mother's Day Baklava martini.

Side note: I'm buying this house when I win the lottery!

Toby and JO left early Monday morning and Josh and I went for lunch at LBC down the street from the house.  I had the shirt rib and cheese on a pretzel croissant.  Amazing like everything here.  

I dropped Josh at the airport and headed home for some relax time.

The next morning I went to get my nails done, very much needed and they turned out so cute!  I did some errand and spent the day doing yard work and chores around the house.

Bright and early Wednesday morning I decided to go for a walk and gator hunt at John Chestnut Park.  No gators but a lot of birds and flowers!

A sleeping squirrel.  I have had run in's with these squirrels before, they are ruthless.  I actually had to kick at one because he came right up to my feet wanting food.  I don't know who keeps feeding them but please stop!

Two Black Widow spiders along the trail.  There were a ton of these here.

It's hard to tell but there are a mom and dad and about 5 baby ducks (I don't know what kind but they are small with almost chicken like red heads) swimming around learning to hunt.

I ended up spending a huge part of the day there and headed home for more yard work!

Thursday was my beach day (sadly I only got one) So I went to Honeymoon Island.  This really is one of my favorite places ever.  White sand beaches by there are also nature trails and miles of almost empty beach to walk.  I walked about 5 miles (not so far but on sand it is!).  I saw a couple pods of Dolphins, a stingray, lot so of birds, found a ton of shells and had the most amazing walk.  Check out all my pictures from my walk here.

When I got home I went over to my neighbor, Roxanne's and spent a couple hours visiting and trying on the beautiful jewelry that she makes.

This is the largest lizard I have seen at our house.  I scared him when I was trimming the hedges.

Friday was my massage day.  I get the best massages from Rashael at Natural Balance in Palm Harbor.  She is amazing and only made me cry a few times!  haha

Hibiscus opening in the yard.

Plumeria in the yard as well.  Beautiful.

Another lizard.

Saturday was sadly my last day, and I had lots of plans!  First, It was the Waterside Furnishing's Salvage market.  Waterside is one of my favorite vintage home furnishings stores in Dunedin and they put on an awesome flea market.  

I spent some time there and then went down to the Pierce Street Market, just before the bridge to go over to Clearwater beach.  I found many things I loved there as always!  (This is my favorite market ever!)

I got a hand squeezed strawberry lemonade from Almost Famous lemonade.

And a Torta Press (like a cuban sandwich but with bbq beef inside) for lunch.

Most of what I got from the market:

I then went back to Dunedin for a Muddy Thai at 9th Bar espresso and a walk around the farmer's Market.  They farmer's market is mostly food and since I was leaving the next day I couldn't really get anything.  I also went to Knot On Main, one of my favorite antique stores, up by where ur rental was in Dunedin.

then it was time to go home and clean the house and get it closed up and get me all packed.  it was an awesome trip as usual, and far too short!

I also made this little airplane squid haha.

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