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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring Flowers, Cold War Spies and Civil War Battles

For a few weeks I had been impatiently waiting for the tulip and daffodil fields at Burnside farms in Haymarket, VA to open to the public.  I had seen pictures from past years of the rows and rows of over 800 000 flowers and I knew that I had to go.  It was about a 90 minute drive to get there and we had to get tickets for the weekend but it was so lovely, it was totally worth it and I came home with some gorgeous flowers.  

Here are some of the pictures we took as well as from the rest of our adventures from that day.  Enjoy! 

The Daffodils

Flowers as far as the eye can see.

The McManns looking' sharp.

Shortly after we got there the place started to get packed.

The whole area had a Holland in Spring kind of feel.  It was very cute.  There were some clogs to dance in!

there were even some chicks.  How cute are they?

The packaging room filled with cute vases and jars and farm fresh produce.

After our morning at the Tulip Festival we needed some lunch.  We went into BJ's restaurant in Gainsville, VA for a delicious burger.  We still ad lots of day left so we drove out to Warrenton to the Old Bust Head Brewery.  They had dozens of in house craft beers, a food truck and a super cool vibe.

Warrenton as we soon found out, was taken over by the U.S government during the Cold War as a secret location to listen to Russian activities and try to decode secret messages that they were sending.  the Government literally came in and used the existing barns and buildings for these secret activities.  Now this little part of the town in gorgeous, and even has a winery and a cold war museum.  Everything here is kind of spy/Cold War themed and it is really fun and interesting.

We stopped for a quick look at the Cold War Museum.  It has lots of really cool real equipment, videos and relics from Cold War, we learned a lot that we had never heard before.  We were actually amazed at the items that they were able to get their hand on.

Someone even donated a very large chunk of the Berlin Wall to the museum.  Pretty cool.

We of course had to stop for a glass of Wine at Vint hill Winery.  It is a really lovely old barn redone as a Winery.  It was a beautiful day so we grabbed our wine and sat outside in their little yard amongst the cherry blossoms and flowers.  All of their wine is  named after spy/ covert mission/ Cold War names and have pinup girls on their labels.  

We still had some day to burn so on our way back we stopped at Manassas Nation Battlefield Park, home to the first battle of the Civil War.  We walked through the museum and around some of the sprawling battle grounds.

this is a great view from the museum of the area.  You can see in the distance a couple other battle groups and points of interest as well.

This house was one of the only ones in the area to survive two battles of the Civil War.  The Battles literally went over top of the house because there were the battlefields and hills on either side.  It sustained some damage but was able to be repaired.  It is still mostly original inside.

The Battle of Bull Run, was the first Civil War battle as well as where general "Stonewall" Jackson earned his nickname.  We learned a ton here and can't wait to come back for the whole day to walk the entire area that we didn't have time to do.

I had to include this coin that I found in the gift shop.  It is a 1903 U.S indian head Penny.  The exact same one that I found a couple thousand miles away in my garden in Langham, Saskatchewan while planting some vegetables one year.  

My flowers once I got home and got them in their vases.  So Beautiful!  We had an amazing day and all of the places we visited are need to see if you are ever in the area.

Burnside Farms
Old Bust Head Brewery
Cold War Museum
Vint Hill Winery
Manassas National Battlefield Park

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