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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Queens Throwback Weekend

Back when Josh was working in NYC four years ago, he lived in Long Island City across the East River from Manhattan in Queens.  I stayed with him for about five months and the area that we lived in was very up and coming but we loved it and we knew that it had tons of potential.  So, last Saturday we thought we would go hang out over there for the day to check out some old haunts and see what was new.  We were pretty shocked when we arrived, it was completely transformed and absolutely beautiful! 

This was pretty much the only thing that looked the same, the view down the street to our high-rise on the left.

We hadn't eaten that morning, so we were ready for lunch.  With all the new bars and restaurants in the area, we weren't sure where to go but we decided to try out The Woodbine on Vernon Blvd.  They had something I was super excited about, Kombrewcha.  It is a beer crafted from tea and fermented to create a low alcohol, probiotic beer that is super great for your tummy.  I have tried Kombucha, the non alcoholic original version and loved it so even though I wasn't drinking due to a five day migraine I didn't think this would hurt.  It was delicious and actually made me feel a bit better.  

I also got a great vegetarian dish that hit the spot.  Roasted brussell sprouts with black pepper and and fresh parmesan topped with a fried egg.  So delicious!

We continued down Vernon Blvd to make sure one of our favorite mob places was still there.  Juniors Cafe.  Pretty much the most awesome pizza and totally mob run.  That's all I'll say ;)

I miss this view!  Josh needed a haircut, so we stopped at David's Barber, his old Barbershop.

We stumbled across the LIC Flea.  When we were leaving LIC last time it was just starting up and I have wanted to go over to check it out since we moved to Jersey City.  It was like a mini Smorgasburg and the best part?  It was not busy!  Everything in NYC is ridiculously busy always.  It was fantastic.

The first thing we got was at Nighthawk's Kitchen.

I got the Scary Gary, with and egg, bacon, and blue cheese mac and cheese.  OMG.

Josh got the Kentucky Hot Brown Patty Melt with pulled pork, bacon, cheddar cheese and a some other toppings.  Also amazing.

After this, if we weren't already stuffed, we stopped at at Old Fashioned donuts for a jelly filled Cronut.  We actually saved this for later.  Probably for the best.

Across the street is the Rockaway Brewing Co. so of course we had to stop to try the beer (well not me, but it was a cool place).

The bartender had a sign informing everyone that he had lost his voice.

We headed down to check out what the waterfront looks like now.  When we were there is was barely halfway completed.  It is so beautiful now!

Our next stop was to Pier 2 where we got engaged almost 4 years ago!  We tried to reenact the photo from that night as best we could.  I think Josh is wearing the same outfit ;)

The original:

The new one:

After some reminiscing, we continued on.  Our building is the one between Long and Island.

Time to sit and relax and break out the Cronuts. So good.

We were on our way back up t othe subway stop when we spotted the Alewife.  Another new, highly rated bar in LIC.  We went in and were hoping to enjoy the rooftop.  We grabbed a drink and were told it was fine to go up, even though there was a baby shower (who has a baby showering a full blown bar?) combined with a birthday party on the top floor which was separated from the patio by a door.  We walked through to the empty patio and after about 3 minutes we were approached by a manager saying that the woman putting on the shower was making a scene about us being out there.  Really classy.  We begrudgingly went downstairs and finished our drink and left.  Not impressed.

We got back into Manhattan and had to walk through Bryant Park to get back to the Path stop.  It is lovely right now with the NY Public library in the background.  

We were home and in bed early, it was a long day.

On Sunday we were headed to Queens on the 7 train again, this time to Citifield with the Marstons.  Nicole and I had been to a Mets game 4 years ago almost to the day and we had an amazing time and wanted to go to another one before we left.  When we got there there was a huge line to get autographs and pictures from Mookie Wilson, a former Mets and Jays outfielder.  We didn't wait in line but it was cool none the less.

First thing first as usual, Josh and I needed some food.  We found Pat LaFrieda, a popular chain with a location at the stadium.  Hosh got a delicious steak sandwich and I got these steak frites with filet, cheese and caramelized onions.  OMG OMG OMG. amazing.  I didn't even share haha,

The game got underway and it was so hot and nice out.  Day baseball games are the absolute best.  We were in the sun for about an hour which was perfect so we didn't end up burnt.  We were quite concerned that the game would turn into another 19 inning game like the last Yankee game we went to.  Thank goodness it wasn't, but unfortunately the Mets lost to the Nationals 1-0.  I am the worst luck at baseball games I swear!  But we had such a good time!

After the game we stopped in Hoboken to get some wings at the Wicked Wolf and had another early night.  it was great to get out and enjoy an amazing weekend in one of my favorite places in NYC!

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