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Friday, May 22, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 05.22.15

It's Friday!  And the Friday before Memorial Day weekend too!  I hope all my Canadian friends and family had a fantastic Victoria Day weekend last weekend, and hopefully not too many of you in Saskatchewan got snow! haha.  Josh and I spent the weekend and Monday on the Jersey Shore and in Atlantic City and had such a great time!  On Wednesday I went into Manhattan to the Grand opening of the new H&M in Herald Square.  I got an awesome bag of swag and some great coupons, and John Legend also performed a small set.  I didn't actually see the performance because I was too far back in line but I heard it and that was enough to make me happy!  Alright, everyone enjoy your weekend, I'm walking over to the Hamilton/Burr dueling site in Weehawken this morning. See you soon!  

1. I got a surprise package in the mail on Tuesday from my mommy (okay she said she was sending something but I didn't know what).   She sent me this gorgeous South Hill Designs wrap bracelet.  Love it!  And the note is really cute too right?

2. As I mentioned earlier, Josh and I spent the weekend on the Jersey gore in Beach Haven, NJ and then in Atlantic City.  The beaches are gorgeous and both places were still pretty quiet.  We ate some great food, did some gambling and enjoyed the beaches.  I was really happy that Josh ended up loving AC because he was really convinced he wouldn't!

3. I've decided that I like a (somewhat mild) espresso lately, so I bought some Nespresso Espresso pods and these awesome Moderna double walled Espresso cups off Amazon for just $20.  I tried them out today and love them!

4. While in Atlantic City, we stopped at Gordon Ramsey's Pub and Grill in Caesar's Palace for dinner.    Josh got a deadly fish and chips and I got a delicious short rib with Mushroom Risotto (one of Gordon's specialties) but I really think the highlight was our appetizer, the Scotch Egg.  For anyone that doesn't know its an egg inside sausage meat and then breaded and fried and this one was done to absolute perfection!  I could have had about 10 of them.

5.  What can I say?  As many times as I have been chased and hissed at by geese growing up on the farm, I still have a soft spot for them and these adorable little goslings that live over in the construction area near our apartment.

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  1. Baby geese! I saw my first ones for the season yesterday. They're so cute when they're yellow still! Ps. we got snow in Manitoba last weekend. It was wild.