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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 5.1.15

Happy Friday everyone!  It has been a couple weeks since I have been here for Friday Faves because last week we spent a few days in Florida house hunting.  We had a great time, but being back to normal life feels great.  Everyone enjoy your weekend!

1. Our 5 days Florida ended up being great, and even though we spent most of our time driving around looking at areas to buy a house, we still had time to enjoy the heat and the beach a bit.

2. While we were in Florida, we ate so much good food!  It is always nice to go somewhere new (especially somewhere with endless seafood) and try some different food.  That is just another one for the pro list for moving to Florida!

3. On Wednesday I took a trip over to Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to check out the Cherry trees in bloom.  It was so gorgeous and the weather was amazing.  An awesome day of relaxing and enjoying the beauty that New York has to offer.  Check back for a blog about it in a couple days.

4. A couple weeks ago, I finally finished all my K-cups, and got my Nespresso Virtuoline machine up and running.  The coffee is so good I can barely even deal with it.  I have never had a coffee addiction before but I might be working on it now!

5. Because my pasty skin hasn't seen sun in months, I knew I needed some hardcore sunscreen for Florida.  I bought some SPF 70 for my body but for my face I wanted something non greasy and light.  I found this Supergoop Refreshing Setting Spray with SPF.  I couldn't find it anywhere to try it but I had some faith and ordered it online from  It turned out to be amazing!  Give this a try if you have a chance.  It is so light and smells fantastic!

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