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Friday, May 8, 2015

Fab Friday Faves 5.8.15

Happy Friday darlings!  I am extra excited today, I have a visitor coming all the way from Germany to visit me this afternoon.  Not just for an afternoon visit, but for 5 days!  Actually she will be here for about 10 days but she will be here for work the last half of her trip.  I'm not going to name her because I think a lot of people don't know she is coming and I want to see some reactions when I post a pic of us later!   I kept very busy it seems this week, as you will see below, but the weather has been absolutely fabulous... so deserved after the crap winter and spring we had.  Everyone enjoy your weekend!  A Very happy Mother's Day to the moms out there and especially to my one and only amazing mom who has proved to me for the millionth time this week that she is the strongest woman on the planet.  I love you!  

 1. Yesterday I went to a park that is very sadly not that well known, and it should be.  The Cloisters is located wayyyy up in the Bronx in the Fort Tryton Park on the banks of the Hudson.  Not only was the park surrounding it the most beautiful and serene park that I have been to in NYC, the actual museum located inside a castle is breathtaking and super interesting.  It contains Medieval architecture, sculptures, tapestries and jewelry along with several beautiful gardens.  It is so amazing, check it out and watch for a blog next week!

2. Yes, my birthday was in March, but years ago when I signed up as a Sephora member, the person who did it entered the date in as 5/3 instead of 3/5.  So at the start of the month I got an email telling me to stop in for my free birthday gift.  When I stopped and got it I was so excited!  Nars is pretty much my favorite lipstick brand, and these aren't just little samples!  They are also 2 colors that i would totally buy on my own.

3. Tuesday was one of my favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo and even though the day had been really stressful and hard, we thought we should go out for some Mexican and a Margarita.  Getting out made me feel a bit better, and we went to a place that we had wanted to try for ages, Taqueria in Jersey City.  The place was of course packed, as it is one of the most popular Mexican places in NJ.  We got some burritos, Flautas and a couple tacos and they really hit the spot.  The Margarita was crazy strong, but I needed it!

4.  On Monday Nicole and I went for a long walk in Central Park to get out and enjoy the lovely weather.  I also needed a few more pictures for my Spring in Central Park blog (coming soon!) It was fantastic as usual and I love that every time I go I see new things and learn so much.

5. On Sunday, Josh and I along with the Marston's went to Citifield in Queens for the Mets vs. Nationals afternoon game.  We love afternoon games and the day could not have been better. I also got these incredible Steak Frites with cheese form Pat La Frieda.  Wow!  Check out my blog about the whole weekend!

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  1. I need those steak fries!! That Mexican makes me want to do happy hour today too ha. I actually grabbed my phone to text a friend to see if she wanted to but then remembered I have nothing but my school shirt with me... boo

  2. I wish I would have eaten more food at the game, it was seriously an amazing day for it! Definitely a great week!!

  3. Yay for free stuff from Sephora! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. NYC in the springtime is looking great! Looks like you did some amazing things this past week. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle