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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring In Central Park

I really thought that after my visits to Central Park in Autumn, that I couldn't fall anymore in love with it.  But, since Spring is my favorite season, I did.  My first visit this year in the spring was just a little bit too early I think.  The Magnolia trees were booming which were gorgeous, but the Cherry trees hadn't quite started and the everything was still in that not quite green transition.  It was still beautiful, but I think had I waited a few days that it would have been even better.

The Reservoir:

Magnolia trees on the east side of the park:

The ball fields:

Cleopatra's Needle:

Illusive Blue Jay that that did not want his photo taken.

Cute little camouflaged bird couple:

The Poland Statue:

The Lake:

Hungry Squirrel:

Bethesda Terrace:

Geese at the Lake:

My second trip, was with Nicole last Monday.  Things were again gorgeous, and this time green, but I unfortunately missed a big portion of the blooming.

The Lake:

Some of the remaining Cherry blossoms:

Some swimming turtles:

The Lake:

The Sheep's Meadow:

Sunbathing turtles at the Pond.  There were also a lot of fish mating everywhere that we went but it was hard to get a good picture haha

Ducks and Turtles:

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