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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

While in Florida, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden had their annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Luckily, the Cherry trees are behind this year, so when we got back they were pretty much at their peak.  It is actually a quick trip from here into Brooklyn, which I always forget and the Garden is right behind the Brooklyn Museum in a very beautiful area.  I didn't even have to go into the park to see dozens of Cherry Trees lining the streets and smelling amazing.

As with most of my posts with pictures of beautiful scenery, I will just let the photos do the talking, so enjoy!

The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden.

So many fish and one lonely duck.

There are also a ton of beautiful Magnolia trees right now.  Love these.


Daffodil Hill.  So pretty!

Yellow Magnolia Tree and Tulips.

Black Beauty Magnolia Tree.

They also have the most beautiful Tulip display in bloom right now.  I had no idea how many colors and varieties or Tulips that there are.

The indoor Bonsai exhibit.  Again, I had no idea there were so many types of Bonsai.  I bet they had about 30 different ones.  I can't wait to try to grow some.

Huge lily pad.

They have a sustainable garden filled with fruit trees and vegetables.  I love how these apple trees were formed to grow so perfectly.

The Rock Garden.

The main group of Cherry trees were just starting to bloom, two days after I was there these were in full bloom but I was happy with what I got to see.

The Rose Garden.  Of course not in bloom but lovely none the less.  I would love to be able to see this in full bloom.  There are hundreds of varieties in here.

Lilacs!  I miss the Lilacs on the farm in the spring so I stood and smelled these for ages.

The Forest Walk.

The view from the ledge right behind the museum.

After a few hours of wandering in the beauty of the Gardens, I decided it was time to head home, but not before stopping in front of the Brooklyn Museum for some gorgeous pictures.

This is another must see on a NYC visit if you have the time.  The area surrounding is also filled with history and its own beauty if you have a day to wander in Brooklyn.  Check out info about the Gardens here.

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