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Monday, March 28, 2016

Back To The House

So, as some of you know, I had my first trip back to our home in Florida a couple weeks ago.  It took longer to make it back than I would have liked, but that' just how it worked out.  I left Sunday and got back last Monday so it was a lovely eight days in Paradise.  Unfortunately Josh and Smudge weren't able to join me but it was still a nice get away!  After some issues with my bag arriving a couple hours after me (I must say I have a hate on for American Airlines right now) I made it to the hour and got settled in.

ON Monday, I desperately needed to get my nails done so I decided to walk over to Happy Nails, about a mile from the house.  As I was leaving, I ran into our next door neighbor and she kept me for well over an hour, which made my day extra long.  I did get my gel nails done beautifully (and way cheaper than here) and one of the best pedicures I have ever had.  I stopped and got some groceries and went to Walmart for some essentials.  I actually had to take an Uber home because shockingly I got too much stuff.

Tuesday was my "at home day" which I spent doing yard work in the morning and then relaxing in the pool for the afternoon.  I discovered this lovely spider trying to escape from the pool and also rescued this little cutie frog from the pool as well.  Sadly, as the week progressed I found at least 1 froggie just like him dead in the pool every day.

Part of my yard work was trimming trees and plants and I took a ton of airplants out of the one tree that i have that grows them.  I plan on doing some crafts with them shortly.  

 There was storm the night before I got in and I had a few leaves to rake.

But it was worth it to enjoy my afternoon in the pool.

Wednesday was my beach/massage day.  I decided to go out to a beach a bit north of where we usually do, to John Howard Park.  This is just a local community park and beach with mostly locals. Because it happened to be Spring Break I decided it was a good choice.  It is a really nice beach and was still quite busy.  It is a little more rustic I guess  you would say because there is no fee to get in and no one really to take care of it although it is still awesome.  There  are paddle board, kayak and canoe rentals, lots of bathrooms and a shaved ice truck playing beach music.  It was so relaxing and lovely.

Seagulls fighting over a fish that one of them caught.

  I left there and headed back to Palm Harbor for my Massage at my favorite place, Natural Balance. I had a great massage as usual and after all that sun and relaxation I was ready for bed.  I did walk over to the Antique and Uniques near my massage place and came home with these super cool little Surfer dude ducks.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and I spent it at the very hot Florida Auto exchange Stadium, Spring Training home of the Toronto Blue Jays.  They were playing the Team Canada Jr. Team so the place was literally crawling with Canadians which was nice.   I even got some Poutine!  Word to the wise, take the nose bleed seats, like the back 4 rows when you are getting tickets.  Its the only place with a bit of shade, and as you all know, Florida is hot as hell!  I used a full big can of sunscreen and sweated like I never have before, but it was really fun!  Since I was four blocks from downtown Dunedin I walked to the huge and CRAZY St. Patrick's Day party that had taken over about eight downtown blocks.  Since I was alone and a crazy sweaty mess, I just kinda walked through to take it all in and then headed home.


 I was really excited for Friday, I was going back to Dunedin to the Farmer's Market there that I love and some wandering around one of my favorite places in the world.  I started at the pier and sat and took in the Gulf and views of Clearwater and Honeymoon Island.

My net stop was Strachan's Ice Cream.  I follow them on Instagram, and a few days before I saw that they had just introduced their Carrot Cake Ice Cream.  Ya, It was amazing as it sounds.

They also have some delicious desserts but I was way to full to even consider them.  Next time!

This guy wanted some too.

I spent the rest of the day wandering and checking out the awesome little gift and craft and home decor shops all over the downtown.  I picked up a few fun things for the house and got the stuff I wanted at the Farmers market.

Saturday was another at home day.  They were calling for rain and storms all day, but it cleared off mid afternoon so I went out and checked out the yard to see how everything had been coming along and flourishing since I had been home.

I think my pineapple might finally be making a baby pineapple!  I have these pretty green and purple plants all over and was unaware that they get cute little white flowers around the base.

 I also took a walk down to Lake Tarpon.  I didn't see any gators this time but it is so pretty down there.

all the egrets were out bathing after the downpour.

I also came across these trees.  So beautiful!

I got home and didn't feel like cooking so I ordered some pizza from one of my favorite places and had a lovely bath, which I don't do nearly enough.

I didn't sleep well the entire time I was home mainly because I'm a chicken but also because of the creatures that live outside my window including the squirrels fighting with the Blue Jays, the Blue Jays fighting over the fibers from the palm trees that they use for their nests, the Woodpeckers being Woodpeckers and these pretty red guys just being noisy.

Sunday was no exception so I was up early and decided to walk to Walmart.  I found some Canadian Edition All Dressed chips to take back to Maryland for myself and Nicole.  I also got some bug bomb and traps because, well, it is Florida and there are an awful lot of creepy crawlies and I don't overly want them in my house.

After Walmart I stopped at LBC (Local Brewing Company) for lunch.  (try to say LBC without singing the Snoop Dog song).  I ordered the Wild Turkey Club but was not expecting a sandwich the size of my head.  It was absolutely delicious.  We love this place and it is always packed and the food and drink are crazy good.

I got home and did a ton of yard work again, this time laying and raking about 10 bags of mulch.  And Also raking the huge amount of leaves that had again fallen.  Luckily later in the afternoon the wind came up and blew most of them onto the neighbors lawn.  The neighbor that has complained about my 20 year old Laurel Oaks every time I have talked to her because obviously I planted them when I was 13 and living in Saskatchewan.

And that's it!  I had such a nice week back at the house, it really is just like a vacation, well, minus the yard work, but it is just so nice!  I had a quick uneventful flight back to DC and made it back to the hubby and kitty!

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