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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

*Recipe* Mini Egg Shake

I know, I know, I literally just posted a recipe for a milkshake, but come on, we all love milkshakes! Unless of course you are lactose intolerant, but with all the options of lactose free and coconut ice cream and milk, this is still something anyone could make.  Everybody also loves Mini Eggs, they are  the ultimate Easter treat, in my mind anyway!  


-1/2 cup milk (any kind, I used coconut)
-2 large scoops vanilla ice cream (you could really use any ice cream you like)
-handful of Mini Eggs and more for garnish
-whipped cream for topping


-Add milk and ice cream to blender and blend until smooth
-Add a handful of mini eggs and pulse 5 or so times until the are broken into little pieces
-check thickness, add more ice cream if it isn't thick enough
-pour into glass and enjoy

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