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Monday, March 14, 2016

*Recipe* Home Made Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick's Day is this week, and besides corn beef and cabbage and green beer, one of the best things is McDonald's Shamrock Shake.  I knew this had to be super easy to make and it was.  It is also public knowledge that there are a crazy 33 ingredients in the Mickey D's version, and:
-820 calories (the same as 1.5 Big Macs and 3 egg McMuffins)
-23 grams of fat (33%) of the recommended daily intake)
-115 grams of sugar (the recommended amount is 24-36 grams a day)

So with that being said, why not make it yourself?  At least if you use organic and/or low fat ice cream, you know what is going into it and control calories and portion size AND you can make it taste virtually exactly the same.  So enjoy and have fun and safe St. Patty's Day!


-About 2-3 large scoops organic vanilla ice cream
-1 cup coconut milk (can you regular whole milk if you want)
-10 drops green food coloring (organic if available)
-1.5 teaspoons mint extract (not peppermint)
-whipped cream of your choice, as much as you want
-optional Maraschino Cherry/fresh mint leaves
*all these items can be interchanged as you wish with organic and non organic or low fat ingredients*

-place everything except whipped cream and garnish in blender and blend until smooth.
-top with whipped cream and garnish of your choice.

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