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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fab Friday Faves 3.4.16

Happy Friday y'all!  It's snowing, and crappy, and it's March. And we are in Maryland, not Saskatchewan.  In any case, I'm looking forward to the weekend, it's my birthday tomorrow!  I'm not totally sure what we are doing... maybe some brunch and some UFC, and of course some presents.  We had an awesome weekend last weekend, as you will see, the weather was awesome too, which was a nice change.  The week was slow, Nicole and I waked to Lindsey's on Monday, it was about an eight mile round trip, which we were unaware of, but a good work out!  I also have lost about 3 or 4 lbs in the last week which I'm not upset about!  haha.  Other than that, I went to the gym a lot and actually enjoyed some quiet time around the apartment and the park by our place.  We also went out for dinner with some of Josh's coworkers to Bonefish Grill.  It was fun and I can't ever complain about not having to cook!

Alright, everyone have a great weekend and happy birthday to me!

1. As I was saying, Josh and I had a great weekend.  On Sunday, we went out to Calvert Cliffs State park and did some hiking and fossil hunting.  Check out more about it here.

2. On Saturday we went out and checked out a few of the local wineries.  It was a nice day and it was lovely to check out the area that we hadn't seen yet.  We had some great wine and a yummy lunch.  Check it out here too.

3.  I bought myself some bunches of Daffodils to give the false impression of Spring in the apartment.    They are beautiful right now and have made me feel more springy for sure!  Yesterday I also got this beautiful birthday bouquet from Josh, so pretty!  I love having flowers around, they always brighten everything up so much!

4. I finally tried out my Veggetti on Wednesday.  I made Zoodles with meat sauce and  they were so good! It was about an $8 item and I will for sure be getting lots of use out of it.

 5. When Nicole and I went on our walk on Monday, we came across this amazing dog running around near Lindsey's house.  He  was such a sweetie and obviously very lost.  After some discussion we decided to call animal control (we watched him almost get hit by two cars) and they came right away.  I took his case # and when I got home I put his picture up on Facebook on a lost and found pet site for the area.  It wasn't long and the very worried owners were found.  I was really happy he got to go home but I was a bit sad because I totally would have adopted him if he wasn't claimed!

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