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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DC Cherry Blossoms

I had been looking forward to going into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms ever since we found out for sure we were going to be moving to Maryland and even more so the last few weeks.  The cherry blossoms peaked early this years we thought we better make it a priority to go during the peak to really enjoy them.  

So last weekend, we made plans to go and then one of Josh's friends from the County as well as in college and his girlfriend let us know that they were also wanting to go AND Nicole and Jason who also went to college with the guys were planning on going so we thought we would make it our first DC meet up.  Ryan's brother Troy also was in town so he decided to come along too.    We left bright and early with the Marston's and drove to the closest Metro stop, since we knew traffic and parking would be insane in DC.  The Metro was pretty easy and non stressful which was nice, not quite the chaos of the New York Subway system.  We met Ryan, Suzanne and Troy at a great brunch place called Pennsylvania 6.  We got some oysters to share and I took full advantage of the Mimosa bar that they had!  We had a lovely meal and started out on our walk around the Tidal Basin and National Mall to enjoy the blossoms.

We started by the White House, actually the side that we hadn't yet seen so that was fun.  This side was a lot closer to the road, the view from the movies!

Japanese cherry tree in front of the Eisenhower building.  These are a lot larger and brighter than the traditional American kind that are found most other places.

On the other side of the White House they were setting up for the Easter Egg Roll that was set for Monday.

The blossoms in front of the Washington Monument.

The WW2 memorial with the fountain actually going this time!

The Reflecting Pool.

Nicole and I in front of the Reflecting Pool.

The Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument from the insanely busy Lincoln Memorial.

We made our way down to the Tidal Basin.  Every view from here was beautiful so I took a lot of pictures!

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  This was the first time I had seen it and it is quite impressive!

Paddle boating, I need to do this someday!

Our squad for the day!  Jason, Josh, Ryan, Troy, Nicole, me and Suzanne.

Beautiful view of the Jefferson Memorial from the far side of the Basin.

Josh and I.  I swear I could not take a decent picture out of dozens this day!  Nice man and background though!

The Japanese Stone Pagoda surrounded by blossoms; beautiful!

The Jefferson Memorial and a really pretty Great Dane.

This was definitely one of those experiences that I can now cross of my list.  Absolutely beautiful.  Crazy busy but beautiful!

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  1. I love the cherry blossoms. They are totally worth fighting the crowds of tourists.