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Friday, August 16, 2013

Babies and Kitties and Bunnies

I have a soft spot for all things cute.  I love those baby pictures where they are in flowers and dressed as baby animals and I love fluffy cuddly animals, baby or otherwise.  Actually, I am a big sap.  I cry watching those ads for the ASPCA and children in Africa, and I sob when someone posts a picture of an animal being mistreated or looking sad, on Facebook.

I went to visit Lindsey, Lily and new baby Ava today, and it was one of those OMG I just want to cuddle this tiny little, adorable baby all day moments.  Both Lily and Ava really are the most precious little girls ever.  When Dave and Lindsey were at the hospital having Ava, I got to spend an entire day and night cuddling and playing with Lily.  She wore me out but those cuddles were worth it.  Now today, I finally got to meet the most teeny, tiny little princess ever!

Miss Lily didn't want her picture taken today, but here she is a few weeks ago.  Too cute.

Once I got home I wanted more cuddles, so I grabbed my fur-babies and started thinking about how cute and cuddly they are too.  They are brother and sister and like any brother and sister, they have a very love/hate relationship.  They also have two completely different personalities.  The following pictures are from kitten to current in no order.

I also have a sweet little mini rex bunny, Patrick, that is staying with my parents until we get our own place.  He isn't the most cuddly little guy, but he is cute, and my special little guy.  He only really likes me and even after a few months of being apart, he still comes running up to me and likes a little snuggle.

And last, my little sweetheart Stitch.  She is no longer with us, but she was loveable and beautiful and like a big friendly dog.  

Here are a couple family pictures as well... hehe

Hope you have enjoyed my cuteness post.  I'm already working on a post for tomorrow so see you then! Sweet dreams!

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