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Saturday, August 17, 2013


I was just telling people yesterday how the weather seemed like it was slightly improving here.   There was one day when the sun almost poked through last week and we hadn't had that horrible, thick, misty fog for a few days either.  I guess I jinxed myself because when I woke up to go for my run at 6, I looked out and it looked like it was raining and seriously was the foggiest day of life.  So I threw on my shoes anyway and made it about 5 blocks, but after nearly falling and breaking my leg a few times on the ridiculously slippery, wet, waxed (yes, seriously, they wax the sidewalks in some areas here) I decided I should raincheck the run.

Saturday morning is also pretty much my favorite time of the week.  I pack up some bags and head out with Mel and Lindsey ( and Myles, Lily and new baby Ava) to the local Bioferia at Parque Reducto.   The Bioferia is basically just a farmers market, but all of the produce and items here are organic.  There is everything you could want and everything is delicious.  It wasn't the greatest day for it because of the weather, and I was cold and soaking wet when I got home but still so worth it!

Eggs and the most amazing Ricotta, Mozza and Fresh cheese I have ever had.  This stand also has the best greek yogurt I have ever eaten, but I am all stocked up on it.

Some produce, didn't need much today.  Peas, Spinach, baby bananas, mango and grapes.

My yucca chips, some whole wheat flour, spices and Maca powder.

The rest of the afternoon was spent curled up in a blanket blogging, reading and getting started on a new bracelet while listening to the Rider game online. Have a great day and GO RIDERS!  Josh and i are headed off to watch some UFC tonight then to the zoo tomorrow so stay tuned for more cute and cuddly pics!

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