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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I love shopping...

Good afternoon my pretties!

I have found it very hard to blog today... I keep starting, but there are just so many things I want to blog about, that all of my thoughts are a jumble in my brain.

I am going to just start with my lovely day yesterday and go from there.

I went for a run, which I have been trying to do 3 days a week and I guess I have been for about 7 weeks now.  I'm starting to notice subtle changes, which is great, but not as quickly as I want.  I came across this house, which I know I have walked by lots but it is beautiful!

I then had a massage, which was amazing.  Okay, that isn't true, my massage therapist Ana is unbelievable but she beats the hell out of me.  She said yesterday that she has never seen anyone with neck and shoulder muscles as tight and ropey as mine.  Explains the migraines right? She even gave me and extra 30 minutes for free it was so bad.  She did tell me though that the texture and density of my leg muscles is changing like crazy from all of the running I have been doing which makes me happy!

After that I ran home and cleaned up and headed off to Jockey Plaza with Miss Mariya for some retail therapy.  Not sure where the 5 hours went but we had a great time.  I FINALLY got my denim shirt, plus a pretty red, satiny shirt because I realized I have no red shirts here at all and I need one. haha
We had a dessert/coffee break at a place called La Folie. It has random furniture on the walls and is just really cool.  Not to mention the crepes and pecan pie were awesome.

We also found some great mugs at one of the coolest home decor stores I have ever seen. So cute!  One of them is a tea diffuser too.  

So we finally decided we should go home and get groceries and make supper.  I had kind of forgotten that our poor driver Jose had been sitting in the mall parking lot waiting for us for the entire day.  Oops.  At least he gets paid for it.

I decided to try another new Pinterest recipe for dinner.  I really love doing this and try to make new recipes at least a couple times a week.  This time was sweet and sour meatballs.  I found the recipe here Wok With Ray Sweet and Sour Meatballs and served it over rice and it was delish!  I have never made sweet and sour meatballs totally from scratch so I was pretty impressed with myself too.

That was pretty much it for my day!  Josh got home, enjoyed dinner and fell asleep on the couch with Jinx. hehe

One last note... I found this is the grocery store today.  It is S/.109 which is about 45USD.  A piece of pork about the size of my hand.  If anyone can enlighten me as to what is so special about this Taco de Jamon Serrano I would love to hear it!

Have an amazing evening friends!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Did you buy those mugs? They are so cute!! Love your shirt by the way! Miss you!

  2. Yup I got the mugs! Thats my window sill! Love them! Miss you too!