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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh Mr. Sun?

So after experiencing the worst winter in Lima in over 50 years, could it be true?  Could Spring be on it's way?  After at least 3 weeks of NO sunny days (could be way longer, but there have been none since I got back from Canada) we finally have one!  And it is AMAZING!  It is the same temperature as it always it, 16C (61ishF) but the sun here makes all the difference.  So here I sit on my rooftop, blogging and soaking up the sun with the cats.

I took this photo on my way back from the grocery store and included my favorite flower:

The last few days I have not been feeling well.  I think I had the flu on Monday and it stuck around until yesterday and then Tuesday night I got back an abscessed tooth that I had a few weeks ago.  So painful, but luckily they have the same antibiotics here as at home (and you just go to the pharmacy and get them, no doctors)  Note to self: Go to the Dentist.  I did manage though to drag myself out of the house yesterday to go get my hair done.  Mel had went to the Daniel Guidi Salon a couple weeks ago and had a great experience so I thought I would give it a try.  I was still very nervous as I had heard horror stories about other people with fine, blonde hair having horrible things done to it in Peru since they are used to working on course, black hair.  But, they did an amazing job!  

I also just have to include this link.  It is of a new Discovery Channel Show about places that  you never should drive.  It is hosted by Andrew Younghusband who is the host of my favorite show "Canada's Worst Driver" and their first stop is Lima, Peru.  This stuff is not staged, not made up, this is everyday life in Lima.  Even in the area that we live in (lots of the scenes are just down the street from here). I hope this gives an idea of how crazy this place is! Josh and I actually first heard of it when we were flipping through the channels and came across a clip of it and a bit of a protest and the mayor of Lima freaking out that it is bad publicity.  But it is true! And tourists should know that they should not be driving here!  So, if you have 20 minutes take a look!

So there is a little update!  I am back tomorrow (or maybe later today) with my list of things to bring if you are moving to Peru. (Also known as the list of things you can send me or bring me when you come visit) hahaha

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