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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miranda's NYC trip Day 10 & 11- Birthday, Global Citizen Festival & Broadway

Miranda had planned her trip to NYC specifically to celebrate her birthday, as she did when she came to Peru.  It happened to to fall on the Saturday of the Global Citizen Festival so we had a majorly packed day.  We started the day with some birthday cheesecake and a trip to Central Park before the festival started.

In long standing Central Park tourist tradition, we had to do the carriage ride through the park.  Ridiculously over priced, but pretty awesome, and it is a great way to see most of the landmarks.

As we were finishing up our ride, eagle eye Miranda looks across the street toward NY Sports Club, a ritzy gym outside the park.  She said "man, that guy looks like Mr. Big."  I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't really tell, so as soon as we got out of the carriage we had to go across the street for a closer  look.  Sure enough it was Chris Noth aka Mr. Big from Sex and the City and The Goodwife.  It was probably the BEST person we could have seen on this trip since we did the SATC and both of us are in love with the show (and him).  We just creeped on him for a bit, but didn't want to bother him as he was on the phone.  We should have.

We went to Tavern on the Green in Central Park for lunch, which was amazing, before heading over to the line for The Global Citizen Festival.  The festival, held yearly is a huge concert, with over 60, 000 people in Central Park to raise awareness for things such as poverty, education and health conditions in 3rd world an developing countries.  To get tickets we actually had to do online missions in order to get points to have a chance to enter to be in the draw for tickets.  Miranda and I both tried and tried, and finally I got drawn for tickets a month before and she got drawn a couple weeks before.  We were in line for like 3 hours before we even got in, which honestly soured our moods a little bit.  But, how could we be too grumpy with the realization that in a few hours we would be seeing, FUN, Tiesto, the Roots, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, No Doubt, Sting, and Jay-Z?  Not to mention a ton of celebrities (Jessica Alba and Hugh Jackman to name a few) and a ton of Prime Ministers, Presidents and dignitaries from around the world.  Oh and some Sesame Street characters as well.  We actually got pretty much the front spot of our quadrant, which still seemed far away, but in reality was over half way to the front.

I actually ended up getting in a heated argument with a tall guy that decided to get there at the last minute and then barge up in front of us.  He put me in a bad mood for the entire show, but he was a huge loser and the girl he was with had no interest in him so that made me feel better.  

Alicia Keys:

Central Park from above (photo courtesy Global Citizen):

Carrie Underwood:

(photo courtesy Global Citizen)

No Doubt reunion (photo courtesy Global Citizen):

No Doubt with Sting (photo courtesy Global Citizen):

Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India with Elmo and Ray a from Sesame Street (photo courtesy Global Citizen)

Beyonce also made a surprise appearance with Jay-Z.  Amazing!

(photo courtesy Global Citizen)

(photo courtesy Global Citizen)

The shows were amazing and I know I will never be able to see anything like this again.  Even though it was 10 hours of standing with no bathroom and no water it was a fantastic experience.

Sunday, we were moving a little slow from our very long day before, but the three of us made our way into the city around noon to catch the start of the Bears game at one of my favorite bars in the City Stout.  Just before half time, Miranda and I had to leave to go to Aladdin on Broadway.  We were super pumped for the show but I don't think either of us were anticipating how breathtaking the show would be.

I know I have already blogged about the show, but WOW is still all I have to say.  SEE THIS SHOW if you have the chance.  I cried and I'm not a crier.  There was magic and the characters were honestly exactly like in the movie, minus a few changes they had to make (no Abu the monkey, Raja the Tiger and Iago the parrot was actually a small annoying man, but he played the part perfectly).  

We had another great weekend!  Only one more chapter in Miranda's trip adventures to go!  See you all soon!

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