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Monday, October 20, 2014

Miranda's NYC Trip day 8 & 9- Tiffany, The MET and Grand Central

As Miranda's time was coming to a close, we decided to do something she had been waiting to do the entire trip.  Go to Tiffany.  She had been looking online trying to decide what she was going to buy with her birthday money from her boyfriend and had narrowed it down, but I hadn't let her go so she wouldn't spend all her money!  So we headed to the flagship store in Trump Tower, just under Central Park.  This store is huge, 5 floors actually, so we started at the bottom and worked our way up.  She tried on rings, and bracelets, and I found some stuff I loved as well.

They also have this, but it is impossible to get a decent photo because it is so sparkly.  A 128 carat diamond necklace.

By the time we were done, we had worked up an appetite and were ready for lunch.  We thought we would check out Serendipity 3, from the movie, Serendipity.  Of course, when we got there, it was packed and there was a 30 minute wait for a table.  So we walked about half a block, to a lovely little Italian place on the upper east side.  After lunch, we were close to Dylan's Candy Bar, somewhere that I have wanted to go for ages.  Basically, a candy store with a bar above it that serves mostly exclusively Candy themed drinks.  Honestly they were so good we could have stayed all day.

This is Miranda's Poprock drink and my Jolly Rancher one.

The whole place is of course candy themed.  Here is us at a cupcake table.  Cute!

Boozy Rootbeer Float and Cotton Candy cocktail.

The afternoon sort of got away from us at Dylan's so we had to rush to do the rest of what we had planned.  Turns out the Guggenheim is closed on the day we went, but we still got to see it.

Luckily the MET was open, but we still only had an hour to look around once we got there.  Such a gorgeous museum.  They also have an amazing exhibit on now called Assyria to Iberia.  Check it our if you get a chance.  Amazing!

The exhibit is filled with tombs and many sarcophaguses (Sarcophagi? haha).  Amazing.  These are the real thing from Egypt and surrounding countries.

We also had time to check out the Medieval exhibits.  The suits of armor and old weapons are so cool!

We were pretty much running through the Ancient Greece section but I managed to snap a quick pic of one of the many statues.

We called it an early night after that, as we were both pretty work out from all the shopping, drinks and walking!

The next day, we kept pretty quiet, and just did some last wandering since this was basically our last day with any free time.  We walked by the Waldorf Astoria and stopped for lunch at a outdoor cafe in front of a church right beside it.  We had my favorite, a lobster roll.  Yum! Today was also the day that there were major terror threats against NYC.  The city was like nothing I have seen before. There were steets shut down, police and undercover cops everywhere as well as metal detectors to get into banks and important buildings.  It was like Martial law, but it seems to be working!    Our main stop was Grand Central Station.  Such a breathtaking place, and as I suspected there was military EVERYWHERE.  We got a few pictures amid the chaos before heading home for another early night.

One of my favorites, the Chrysler building!

It was nearing Miranda's last day and we were exhausted but sad!  I don't think it is possible to do more than we did!  Check back soon for her last couple days!

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