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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Miranda's NYC Trip Last Day- Lady Liberty

On Miranda's last day, we had booked tickets to go to the Statue of Liberty.  So, bright and early, we took the light rail as far as it would take us, then walked to Liberty State park to wait for the ferry to the island.  After airport like security, we boarded the boat, first stop Ellis Island.  Ellis Island is the first place that most of the immigrants (about 12 million) coming to America had to stop from 1892-1924.  All immigrants went through an extensive inspection process from everything to lice to serious mental disorder.  

The view of Ellis Island and Lady Liberty from the ferry stop.

This is the main room that all immigrants would have walked into when they first arrived.  Pretty intimidating!

The step by step guide through the inspection process.

The view from the ferry as we approached.

We're here!  It was my first time out to the statue as well so it was exciting for me too.

Miranda had booked a ticket to g pall the way to the top, but she got the last spot so Josh and I got ours to go to the pedestal.  Still an epic view of Manhattan (and about 15 flights of stairs less to climb)

Josh and I took advantage of our extra time to hang out and get some more pictures.

There is also a really cool museum with lots of interesting history and cool facts.

Me with a replica of the head.

And her foot.

And in the gift shop with a rocking' hat.

On our way back to Jersey, after getting off the ferry in Battery park, we had t walk through wall street to get back to the path stop.  Just a couple pictures of the view.

Well thats it!  2 weeks of fun, adventure and exhausting days!  I guess my blogs will be back to normal now so check back soon for my everyday life once again. xox

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