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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miranda's NYC Trip- The First Three Days

As most of you probably know,  my best friend from back in Saskatchewan, Miranda came to visit, starting on the night of the 17th.  She had booked her tickets back in the early summer and had planned every moment of her 12 day trip down to the minute.  Not going to lie, I was a little concerned because I know how difficult the city can be and how everything takes longer than it should due to the mass of people and constant unforeseen circumstances.  Regardless, I was so excited to see her and excited to get out of Jersey for a change and have some much needed adventure.  

Josh and I picked her up from the airport on the evening of the 17th and ordered some pizza to have it waiting for us when we got home.  When it came, Miranda and I packed up a couple pieces (and some champagne) and headed down to the waterfront to enjoy the gorgeous view of Manhattan. We made it an early night, since we knew the next few days would be crazy, and Miranda had been traveling since early in the morning.  

We were up early that morning and were super pumped for the happenings of the day.  Our main adventure was the Sex and the City Tour (see my earlier blog, NYC Sex and the City Tour X3).  So we dressed up in our heels and dresses and made our way into the city.  I thought we may as well kill a few birds with one stone, so we got off the NJ Path and walked up through Times Square.  One of our first stops was the Disney Store.  Love this place!  It's like a fairytale. 

After realizing we were still going to be early for our tour (I had misjudged the distance from 33rd to 58th St, forgetting that it is actually only like 8 real city blocks)  We spotted FAO Schwartz, the world's largest toy store and the home of the giant floor piano from the movie "Big".  I had never actually been in there before so I was pretty excited.  Of course we headed pretty much straight for the piano, but on the way we found a few cool things.

This is Voltar, the fortune teller machine that Tom Hanks wishes to be big in, in the movie.  We got our fortunes told and continued on our way.

I am a HUGE Muppets fan so when I saw the Build-a-Muppet Workshop, I was soooo excited!  I never got a chance to make one because we were running short on time, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be back!

And here it is!  The giant piano!  So much fun to play around on it!

We had to rush out of the store to get to our tour bus but made it on time and had a great time on the SATC tour.  Like I said, check out my previous blog about it.  Here we are at Magnolia Bakery, and enjoying cosmos at Scout Bar.

After a long day, we made it back to Jersey City and enjoyed an early night.

Friday, we started out early again.  We took the PATH to the same stop as the day before and again walked up toward Times Square.  We found these cars outside the NYPD station in the heart of the square.   Pretty cool.

We made our way to Rockefeller Center to check out some views.  We did some shopping, had lunch and then went to the top.  I had never been up to the Top of the Rock before so this was also pretty cool for me.  And wow, the view.  Breathtaking.

We actually spent a good portion of the day enjoying 30 Rock, but when we started walking again we found Radio City Music Hall, home of so much great music over the years.

So thought, why not check out 2 of the tallest buildings in America in one day, and we made our way to the Empire State building.  As I was expecting, the lines were so long and it seemed like it took forever to get in, but what a gorgeous building, and another amazing view.

The view of one of my favorites, the Chrysler building.

 We got home and got ready for our first night time adventure, Miranda's birthday surprise.  She had no idea what was coming and I was super excited.  I had booked all of us a Party cruise on the Hudson, complete with booze, food and a DJ. She didn't figure it out until we got to the Pier in lower Manhattan and was pretty excited too.  The night was way too much fun and we got some of the best night views of the city and the statue of Liberty that you could ever have.

After our long night (turns out the Path to NJ closes earlier than we thought and it was a bitch to get home) we slept in a bit and then got ready for one of my favorite NY events, a Yankees game!  It was Miranda's first MLB game, my first Blue Jays game (sorry Jays, I am a Yankees fan even when they are playing you) and it was one of the LEGENDARY Derek Jeter's last games ever.  The game did not disappoint and we even met some fellow Saskatchewanians!

Waiting in the Subway for our ride home.

 Well there you have it, our first few crazy, jam packed, amazing days!  Come back in a few days for part 2!  I'm moving a little slow with the blogs as I am still recovering, cleaning and getting back to normal so please bear with me!

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