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Monday, October 13, 2014

Miranda's NYC Trip Day 7 - Natural History and Tattoos

Day 7 was just over half way through Miranda's trip, and we were getting pretty tired!  We had walked about 40 miles in the week, but we powered through!  We decided to hit up the American Museum of Natural History, which was something I was super pumped about.  It is one of my favorite places in NYC and it had need just shy of three years since I had been there.   The museum is massive, and it would be quite easy to spend a day there if you took your time.  It has everything!  I tried to weed through the photos I took but I love every part of it, so please excuse the mass of pictures haha.  Enjoy and if you are ever in NYC for a few days, this is one thing to check out if you have a few extra hours.

The HUGE scale model of the Galaxy with the super cool theatre in the sun:

A real meteorite:

Me with an Easter Island statue... hope to be standing with a real one someday!:

Of course I am super interested in all things Peru so here are some photos of artifacts and replicas from there:

An Indian god statue:

African Shaman:

Chinese paintings:

cave paintings from Africa:

Just some  really scary African guys:

I thought I would include some of my heritage, well not really my heritage, but plains Natives and Haida artifacts:

The Rotunda with some huge dinosaurs!:

The hall of sea creatures, amazing and somewhat terrifying:

Giant mosquito replica:

Some taxidermy animals in the hall of animals, I love these!:

Lonesome George!  I was so excited to see him in his new home at the museum.  For anyone that doesn't know, he was the last giant tortoise of his kind in existence until he died at over 100 years old in the Galapagos Islands.:

Megalodon jaw:


The famous T-rex from A Night at the Museum:

huge tortoise guy:

Had to get a picture of a Mammoth since we had these where I grew up( obviously not while i lived there, but you know what I mean)!

Sabertooth tiger:

After we were done in the main halls we found this little kids activity room and of course had to check it out.  This little mouse house built into a shelf was adorable.

The outside of the museum is so gorgeous!:

Trump hotel:

After awe got home and had a quick supper, Miranda and I decided that that night was as any to go get our matching tattoos.  We have been friends for 24ish years and best friends for most of those so we are pretty sure that if nothing made us hate each other in high school we were probably in the clear.  We had been talking about what to get for months, and after a lot of ideas and going back and forth, we decided on cute little anchors.  Since we are not always together we thought the "never drift apart" meaning was perfect.

We went to Jersey City Tattoo Co. just a few blocks away from where we live.  Denise did a great job and for some reason, it never hurt.  I had been dreading it because the one I got on my ribs in Peru seriously almost killed me!  Anyway, apparently I can handle tattoos in 30 minute increments but then I have to stop haha.  They turned out so cute!

That was a quick post with a ton of pictures, but I hope you enjoyed it!  Like I said, check out the museum if you are ever in town!  It is also home to the Hayden Planetarium which I haven't been to but am dying to go!  Everyone have a great night and see you soon with the next couple days!

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