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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Burrito Day!

So FINALLY after 4 months of wanting to, I made it to the Burrito Bar in Barranco.  I had heard these burritos and Margaritas were amazing, but WOW!  So Mariya and I took a cab over, and explored a bit of the area before heading in.  It as a tiny place with no signs and I would have walked by it 30 times and never noticed it.  SO we sat down, ordered a couple drinks and the burrito and a few minutes later I was enjoying the best burrito ever.  I am sure some people reading this are thing that well there should be great Mexican food in Peru, but Peruvian and Mexican food are totally different.  Not similar at all.  The countries are very far apart, kinda like saying Canadian food is like Mexican food.  Anyway, it was great and huge.  The ingredients were so fresh and the tortilla was hand made there (the owner is actually Australian, random).  It is hard to tell in the photo but it is the size around and double the length of a short highball glass.


When we were done, and had a good buzz, we decided to walk the 3 miles back through Barranco.  Saw a couple fun things along the way, and I am sure we were great entertainment for the Peruvians that kept gawking at us.

When we got back, and our buzz was gone, we decided to try out a place I had seen that advertised Nutella lattes.  That's right, Nutella lattes.  YUM!  The place was cute too.  Kind of old fashioned and quiet and they were playing Sinatra.

Yesterday morning I headed out for a run and finally took a picture of something that I had been meaning to for ages.  It is the morning bread and bun delivery to the small convenience stores that aren't quite open at 6AM.  Shockingly, nobody touches the garbage bags hanging off the doors.  Trust me, it has crossed my mind because the bread is delicious here.

I went home and got cleaned up and headed to the grocery store.  Found a couple gems.  

Canada litter.  made in Canada, but I have never seen it in Canada.

dried alpaca.  Now, I love Jerky, but this looks not really jerkyish, and somewhat sketchy.

Mariya, Jules and myself decided to grab lunch after that at a cute restaurant under one of my fave Brazillian places.  The food was great, but the bathroom was awesome.  Wall to wall mirrors and a blacklight.

We continued on to a mall I had never been to.  Not much there, but there was the World's smallest Burger King.

Alright everyone, have a great weekend!  Josh thinks he might get to leave work early, so that is exciting!  I leave you today with the happiest, feel good hoody I have seen in a long time:

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