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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Well, Made it 30 Years Without Pinkeye....

Until Wednesday when I woke up with a red, sore, swollen eye.   This country just won't give me a break.  It is better off and on.  It will almost clear up, then be bad again.  I have some antibiotic drops and ointments from the pharmacy here (you can get almost anything without a prescription here if you know what you are looking for).
In anycase, it seems like it has been forever since I posted about what was going on. I guess an actual full week!  Luckily it has been a very quiet week so not too much to talk about!  Most of the week was filled with planning for Miranda's trip (she gets here late Tuesday night!) Which is actually A LOT harder than I anticipated.  It seems Peruvian travel agencies only like Peruvians to travel.  Not the thousands and thousands of foreigners.
Last Saturday, after having that delish lunch at Saqra with Mariya and Jules, Josh and I decided to go there for dinner and drinks.  So worth it. Wow.  The drinks were even amazing!  Infused Pisco of almost any flavor.  We got the parmesan scallops for an appy, which was a bold move because there are no scallop dishes here, but wow!   Josh had the Lomo Saltado, and I had steak Kabobs.  then an amazing desert of pisco ice cream, a chocolate with Caramel and apple filling and a big ball of sort of cotton candy haha.

Oh, and this is the other bathroom ;)

Sunday we headed off to the Corner Bar with Rob to watch the Bears. GO BEARS!

Like I said, the week was pretty quiet.  I went over to visit Mel and Myles and have some tea on Monday, and on the way back I found this at the grocery store:

WTF is it?  Do we have it in Canada?  The label said it is some sort of cauliflower.  But I was too chicken to buy it.  It looks like some alien food.  If anyone has had this let me know!

Tuesday was pretty much just Yoga, as were the rest of the days.  I'm really loving it 5 days a week!  And from all the running and Yoga I am already noticing a huge difference in my body.  

Wednesday at Yoga, our instructor made us do some crazy splits thing.  Poor Mariya pulled a butt muscle!  This was also the day I took Jinx to the vet for blood work.  He has to have his blood checked every month because he has kidney failure and we have to keep an eye on him to make sure he is not getting worse.  Poor guy gets poke and prodded so much that he doesn't even care anymore. His disease is advancing faster than I hoped, but hopefully we can get it slowed down again.  It isn't time for him to leave us yet!  Here are some kitty pics cuz I love them.

How cute are they?  

Thursday was a monumental day... Josh took his first sick day ever with SNC!  He had been fighting a cold for a few days and it finally got the best of him.  He needed some rest, not another 15 hour day of work.  I went to yoga and then headed out for a walk because it was a beautiful day!  Parque Kennedy has a really cool art installation right now.  It is all environmental themed.  This is my favorite:

I also found this kitty chilling out under the Virgin Mary.  

On Friday, I was just walking out the door to yoga, and our plumber showed up with no warning.  We were supposed to be told when he was coming but of course were not.  So I had to skip yoga while he was there.  But at least I no longer have a shower leaking in to the wall and making it mold and bubble and a kitchen sink that leaks like crazy.  
Mariya and I headed out back to the Kulcafe, this time to try the Nutella mocha.  Pretty much amazing.

We also met a sweet girl from Texas, Julie, who is in Peru on a scholarship learning spanish and doing volunteer work.  We decided to go to a walk down by the water.  I often forget how beautiful it is here. Like anywhere I think that once I start to get in a hurry to do things and go places, I forget to stop and smell the roses every now and then.  

We also found an old school Mini.  Mariya is beside it to show how tiny it is.  She is normal sized. 

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and found this.  not going to comment on it, but you get it ;)

That was the week.  Again, terribly exciting!  We had a lovely lunch today with Jules and Andy and Brian and Mariya at the Marriot.  Aren't we pretty? hehe

Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back tomorrow because Josh has to work :( and it is his birthday.  Poor guy.

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