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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miranda Trip Day Three- Winos

Sorry to everyone that I'm a little behind on these posts.  We have been so jam packed busy it feels like we haven't been home at all!

One Friday, we took a tour through Haku Tours, a great non profit tour company in Lima.  We did a Winery tour at Hacienda Queirolo, in Pachacamac, another gorgeous district on the outskirts of Lima right between the foothills of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.  Gorgeous.  Mariya joined us for this one so it was even more fun with three of us.  It was about a 45 minute drive out to the winery, and we got to see some of the "real" Lima and that added to the experience.  When we got there, it was like we were in a different world.  You would never guess that crazy, loud, Lima was surrounding us.  We got a tour of the Production and bottling areas, the cellars where they keep the casks and the surrounding grounds which were amazing.

We then got to try some wine, which is actually a wine that I drink here quite often, so I enjoyed that.  I think we got some preferential treatment, because we also got to try some expensive wines and piscos that are not usually on the tour.  

After the tour, our guide Edwin took us to an amazing restaurant very close by in Pachacamac.  It was like a giant treehouse on acres of quiet beautiful land as well.

The food was delicious! We all tried things we never had before and all the dishes were fantastic. In order of the pictures: Mariya's veal, Miranda's Ox tail, Edwin's Cuy (guinea pig) and my duck.

Us girls decided to do some candid's after.  The bottom one is us sniffing the Devil's Breath tree which is what a terrible drug is made from.  If you are interested and have 35 mins watch the video World's Scariest Drug.  It is very interesting.  Anyway, have a great day, and I might be back later with Day 4 haha.

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