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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miranda Trip day Six- Tattoo Day!

As I write this, I am missing my lovely bestie Miranda.  I just dropped her at the airport and am home.  It so quiet and I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow!
On Monday, we had appointments to go get tattoos done.  Miranda already had lots of tats and knew what to expect, but I have not had one since I was 17 and have no recollection of getting it.  Needless to say I was pretty nervous. I had done lots of thinking and decided on a Peruvian lily.  They are gorgeous and would be a great souvenir of our time in Peru.   When we arrived at Zhimpa Tattoos just a couple blocks away, the place was clean and  had amazing art.  I had done tons of research and calling them to make sure everything was safe and perfect. I was up first, and had the owner, Zhimpa as my artist.  He spoke very little english but was a very cool guy and I could also tell he was very professional.  It made me feel even better when Miranda told me he had the nicest tattoo gun she had ever seen.  It doesn't even buzz!  My tattoo took about 3 hours.  Honestly it hurt SOOOOO bad!  But I felt like a wuss because Miranda got 4 tattoos and didn't complain!  Here are our photos:


Love, love, love all our tats!  And sadly, I will be back tomorrow with the last 2 days of Miranda's trip. Sweet dreams!

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