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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey You, Wanna Go Surfing With Me?

So, I am sure I have mentioned it, but a white, blonde girl in Peru is basically like a rock star.  I can't even walk out my front door without getting either cat calls, or comments, or guys trying to get me to stop and talk.  I ALWAYS totally ignore this and try to dress modestly but it doesn't matter, they just don't get the hint.  I have had cars and taxis, stop in the middle of the street and hold up traffic to try to talk to me, and guys turn completely around to try to get me to stop to talk.  Most of the times the comments are hilarious and sometimes I think the only english most of the guys know is one phrase they have learned to try to hit on the gringas.
I had a guy a couple days ago try to stop me on the street but saying "Hey, you surf?  You want to go surfing with me?" and as I kept walking he yelled "Hey, where are you from?  You must be from Brasil!"  I realize there are white people and blondes in Brazil but really?  I do not look Brazillian at all.  Good try buddy.
Yesterday, I had an incident that, at first, I thought was some creepy little Peruvian trying to hit on me, but turns out I don't really think it was.  I was sitting in a park near where the hang gliders jump off the cliffs, texting Miranda and surfing the net off of the free wifi offered in the parks here, and a guy comes up to me.  He says "want to go hang gliding with me?"  I advised him that I didn't today but when my friend comes to visit in a couple weeks we plan on it.  He asked "Where are you from? USA?"  I said "No, Canada, but I actually I live here just a couple blocks away, my husband is building a power plant at Chilca".  He changed a little bit after that and just went straight to business telling me he makes bracelets.  He showed me one, they were cute and I asked him how much they cost "Well they are free, it is good for my karma," and before I knew it he was tying one on my wrist that was red and white.  Like the Peru flag, but also like the Canadian flag, he made sure to point out.  Then I knew I was in trouble when he pulled out all the necklaces.  I said "no thank you" and was getting up to walk away when he says "oh that Bracelet is 20 sols!"  I almost fought him on it, but I thought it wasn't worth it and gave him s./20 and walked away.  This is the bracelet:

So, Monday, Josh and I went to Pappachos for dinner.  It is an Americanish restaurant in the Hilton hotel a few blocks away.  The burgers at the this place are not only the best by far that I have had in Peru, but also right up there of any I have had anywhere.  I got the tacu tacu burger for the second time.  It is amazing.  I have mentioned before that tacu tacu is a peruvian dish of beans and rice formed into a patty and fried in bacon grease.  So there is a thick beef burger, a thing tacu patty, avocado, lettuce etc with some amazing sauces.  I didn't eat the bun, I don't really like hamburgers on buns but it also gave me enough room to eat the rest haha:

The last few days have been pretty quiet again, yoga, visiting, walks, planning out an itinerary for Miranda's week here.  Thats about it.  Here are some pics from a couple walks I have been on. I love the houses here:

Yesterday, the cleaning lady was very late getting here, so I just went for a long walk to get out of her way.  After the guy sold me the bracelet I went to get some sunset/hang gliding pictures.  Some turned out amazing.

I also came across this guy on his motorcycle with his little dog.  She was adorable and loved riding on the bike!

This morning I headed off to Yoga with Mariya again I had to finally buy this mug for myself.  I love it.

Alright, I need to head out.  I am headed to the Burrito Bar in Barranco with mariya and Jules for lunch.  I have heard these are the best burritos ever, but still haven't made it there to try them.  So excited!  

Have a great day!

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