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Friday, September 27, 2013

Miranda Trip Days Seven and Eight- Shopping and Jumping off a Cliff

So, Miranda's last couple days here were pretty un eventful.  I had a really hard time setting up the tours we wanted for two white girls.  Tour companies would not take us certain places specifically because we are pretty white girls.  So Tuesday, we just hung around and did a ton more shopping and ate some good food.  This was our lunch.  I had Lomo Saltado Fajitas and Miranda had a mix of tequeños at Mangos.  AMAZING.

Later we went to dinner at Papachos, one of our favorite places for dinner.  Probably my list of Top 5 (maybe higher) burgers anywhere in the world.

Wednesday started out pretty quiet.  We took a double decker, open air bus tour to Barranco for an hour.  We saw some beautiful old cathedrals, got to walk across the Bridge of Sighs while holding our breathe and met a nice couple from Edmonton.

After that we headed down to the beach to look for some seashells and play in the water.  While we were down there, there was a 6.8 earthquake 400km south of Lima.  We didn't feel it, but there were tsunamis warnings, while we were frolicking by the water haha.  Josh felt it at work as he is about 100 km closer, and Mariya felt it while sitting in her apt. here. Crazy.

Anyway, we found some shells and got soaked, and were just going to go for lunch when we noticed that the Parasailers were out on the cliffs.  So we took a cab up, only to be disappointed that it was just the instructors testing it out.  But they told us to come back later.  So we called up Mariya and went to Homemade, one of our favorite places, for lunch.  We had some yummy desserts after as well! Chocolate Marquise with Pistachio crust and whipped cream drizzled with raspberry sauce and Miranda had a Nutella cupcake.

We stopped at the grocery store, as well as home to drop off our groceries, and we noticed that the weather had greatly improved, so right away we took off for the cliffs to see if we could paraglide!  As we were walking up the instructors were waving us over to hurry up and get to the head of the line.  We basically only had a few minutes before we were up in the air.  They got us dressed and didn't give any instruction and as we were going to jump off, the instructor stepped on my heal and my shoe came half off!  Luckily it stayed on the whole flight.  It was amazing!  Seriously, so peaceful and breathtaking.  Here is the video of my experience.  Parasailing over Miraflores
and here are some still photos from the video.

When we were done, we still had lots of day left, so we grabbed Mariya and did some more shopping.  Then we went to La Emoliental Bar for one, okay 3, last drinks :(

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