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Monday, September 16, 2013

T-24 Hours!

So Miranda will be getting here in just over 24 hours!  I can't wait!  Not only do I get to see someone from home, but it also happens to be one of my BFFs since 2nd grade.  I have a ton planned, and it is going to be a very busy week, hopefully I can make it!

I realized, after my last post that I did that i never posted the 2nd most important part of my Saturday (aside from the amazing company!)  The incredible dessert bar at the buffet.  Here are some of (well honestly most) of the choices we had for dessert.  I am not sure why I currently don't own a chocolate fountain, but if anyone wants to get me a housewarming gift when we get a real place... haha.

After brunch that day, we wanted to wander around for a while and Mariya and I went into the cathedral in Parque Kennedy which never seems to be open.  It was gorgeous!

Also, I decided that I should go and pick up some artwork that I had specially painted for me and was supposed to pic up last weekend and totally forgot.  Every Saturday and Sunday in Parque Kennedy, about 20 or more local artists set up some of their work for the public to enjoy/purchase.  I had went 3 weeks ago and found some small pieces (a set of 3) of oil paintings that I fell in love with.  Being me, I procrastinated on it and came back the next day and they were gone.  I pouted, and the artist finally told me that he would paint a similar set for me and bring them the next week.  I felt terrible I forgot to go get them, but he wasn't mad and just made fun of me. How gorgeous are they?

Sunday was a pretty boring day for me.  More yoga (I have come to the conclusion that I just am not a fan of male yoga instructors) and some lounging around. Josh had to work ON HIS BIRTHDAY :( so I baked some cookies and did some cleaning and Miranda prep.  I had told Josh that I would make him any meal that he wanted for his birthday, but he wanted to go out and watch football when he got home, so we decided we would check out somewhere other than the Corner Bar that would be playing the game.  We went to the American Embassy Cafe (nothing to do with the actual embassy!) and even had called ahead to make sure they were open and playing the game.  We got there and out of three menu items (buffalo wings, burger and fries) they had NO FOOD.  None.  They kept saying Munaña! (tomorrow)  but some good that did us at that moment.  So we decided we would have a couple drinks and then go elsewhere.  The drink I ordered was by no means anything crazy, but they didn't have the ingredients!  By that point I was so mad I just said I didn't want anything.  Poor Josh, He could tell I was irate (I have a pretty low tolerance for things like that and a bad temper) and decided we would just get pizza from our favorite place right next door to our apartment, and watch the game from home.  En Español.   The pizza was great but experiences like we had can just really ruin a night!

Today was another quiet day, with yoga this morning with Mariya.  It was another useless class like yesterday.  I was unimpressed (maybe still grumpy from last night), I could have just stayed home and walked up and down the stairs in my apartment twice and got more of a work out.
Mariya and I decided we would meet up again in the afternoon, run a couple errands (Josh's birthday present was too small and I needed groceries) and grab a coffee and lunch.  She was having a bad day too so we made them boozy coffees. SO GOOD!

Alright kids, it is bedtime for this girl.  I'm trying to get lots of sleep because I know Miranda will not let me get much this coming week!  I will continue to blog when I get a chance, and the next few should be good with all of the things that we have planned!  

Looks like someone else is tired, probably the world's biggest yawn. Sweet Dreams!~


  1. I didn't know you were having art painted, I LOVE IT! I will work on the chocolate fountain for you for a house warming. I'm not going to lie in all my searching for house stuff I haven't even thought of a chocolate fountain, we absolutely need one! Right now Im just excited Jason finally agreed to a Keurig! The cathedral is amazing, remember St. Patrick's in NYC? I love stuff like that! Have a fabulous time with Miranda! XO

    1. Thanks lady! I miss you and wish you were coming too! Can't wait for my chocolate fountain btw! hehe