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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miranda Trip Day Five- Pyramids

So Sunday was a bit of a rough day.  We were all a little ill and tired from the night before, but we had a trip out to Pachacamac planned.  Pachacamac are ruins located in south-east Lima, near where we did the wine tour on Friday.  Most of the temples were built between 800 and 1450AD (some as early as 200AD), before the conquest of the Inca Empire.  There are currently 17 identified pyramids, but some have been destroyed beyond being able to be restored by the El niño weather phenomenon.
Pacha Camac means Earth Maker and the site is actually named after the creator god that Peruvian's worshipped before the Inca conquest.  It was quite amazing and interesting.  I took pictures of the signs as well and they really explain each part better, so enjoy!

On the drive out to the ruins


The coast, with fields for horses beside

This building is used for practice with the Paso horses and bullfighting

new excavation site

the aqueducts for the whole site.  They still work.  The building was were the women were kept that were going to be eventually sacrificed.  If a man went in he was castrated and got a brand on his face.

Like I said, very cool and interesting!  I would suggest googling Pachacamac, as the things that happened at this site were crazy!  Thanks for reading and cme back again for day 6, tattoo day!

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