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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where were you?...

I remember it so clearly, just like it was yesterday.  I think everyone says that.  I remember I was wearing a multicolored striped sweater and jeans.  I was walking through the Arts Tunnel at the University of Saskatchewan, my first week of university ever.  I remember everyone standing in silence, and the TVs that were there were all tuned into the live footage of CNN.  Some people were crying, but most, like me just stopped and were watching in awe, not sure if it was real.  I think we all felt like it couldn't be, like this couldn't actually be happening.  It was totally surreal.  I don't really remember much after that.  I know I was on my way to english class and not much was said about it, as it was still happening as we were in there and no one wan't to say much as we really didn't know what was real or what was actually happening.  In the hours and days that followed, we learned more about what had happened but we were still in a state of disbelief, and I think that it still feels like that.  Even though I am Canadian, it still hit so hard and so close to home.  Canadians feel like the US and Canada are basically the same and we felt for the people of the country and New York like they were our own family.

Having visited Ground Zero and the site of the the Freedom tower being built several times, as well as the pre-museum set up on Ground Zero, I think my heart has grown to mourn more for the families, friends and citizens of New York and the World that lost not only loved ones, but a sense of security that day.  Each time I was there, there were families mourning the loss of loved ones.  Crying and still, even ten years later struggling to cope with their losses and trying to wrap their heads around what happened.  It was heartbreaking and I will never forget seeing them, and being unable to imagine what they must be feeling and how unfair and totally unjust their losses were.

So today, I hope everyone takes a moment to think about those people that lost their lives and their loved ones, and everyone that was affected on that terrible day.

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