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Friday, September 20, 2013

Miranda Day Two- Cocoa y Coca

We started off the day with some shopping today, looking for a dress for Miranda.  For some reason we only made it to like two stores and we got distracted and decided we were starving. We went to one of My favorites, La Mora for lunch.  We both had the most delish cafe mochas and Miranda had a sandwich with Tenderloin, Elderberry and Swiss cheese and I had french onion soup.  To die for!

On our way back to do more shopping we happened to walk by the Museo Chocolate.  I have walked by it a million times but never went in.  So regretting not having spent much time there!  Not only can you make chocolate right from the Cocoa bean, but they have everything you can think of made with chocolate!  Truffles, Hot chocolate mixes, every flavor chocolate bar, lotions, scrubs, flavored Pisco's etc. So we booked the next workshop and headed off to the Inka Markets to do some souvenir shopping for a couple hours until it was time to head back.

We had barely even started shopping and MIranda was buying up the place.  haha.  She came for jewelry and that is was she got! Beautiful rings, chains, pendants... so pretty.

At 2:30 we headed back to Museo Choco and started our work shop with our Teacher Vessna and a lovely girl from Cusco.  Vessna has spent time in Canada and her Canadian boyfriend from Vancouver just moved to Lima in July and also works there.  We became friends right away.  Actually, her boyfriend, Scott's future stepfather is from Pontiex, SK!  Small world once again.  I am just basically going to let the pictures speak for themselves but making chocolate is too fun!  We started out selecting the beans, roasting them, shelling them, and then grinding them by hand to a paste!  We made a the first chocolate ever made by the Myans, chocolate, ground chili peppers and water.  Not awesome.  Then we made real hot chocolate.  Cream, chocolate, cloves and cinnamon. Delicious!  Then we got to actually chose moulds and poor the liquid chocolate in and then flavor the chocolates.  So fun.  Miranda made hearts and I made bunnies.

ONce we were done there is was time to head home!  once Josh arrived we decided to head to Brujas de Cachiche restaurant just a few blocks away.  Josh and I have been wanting to go for quite some time so we thought we would give it a try.  Once again, amazing!  Probably one of the nicest restaurants i have been in and the food was unbelievable.  Also, there was a little gizmo on the table that you could press if you needed serive that was connected to our waiters watch so he would come over right away if we pushed it.

We took a photo with the sign in the entrance.  The lighting is terrible but you get the drift!

It was another fantastic day!  Stay tuned for Day 3- Wine and Pisco

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