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Monday, September 30, 2013

Rant of the Day

So, I haven't really been doing much the last few days.  Have had a cold, a bit grumpy and still catching up from Miranda's visit.
For anyone that doesn't know, we were told on the Friday that Miranda was here (wine tour day) that Josh would be done work in Peru on Friday, October, 4th. We were also told that we would be starting in Seattle at the home office for SNC near the middle of November.  I had mixed emotions of course, there is still things here that I want to do, plus that is not much time to get the cats certificates ready, get packed , sell stuff etc.  So we decided that for 2ish weeks when he was done work we would go to Machu Picchu for about 5 days and then the Amazon for about 5 days.  I spent the days after MIranda left, packing, telling EVERYONE here and at home that we would be back to Maine on October 17th for a couple weeks, then driving to Seattle for Josh to work in the head office for a few months until the next project.
On Saturday, Josh came home from work and was a bit confused.  One of his managers had mentioned to him as he was walking out of the gate that he needed to talk to the Commissioning manager at head office about his demob date.  We weren't really sure what that meant so Josh emailed the manager in Bothel hoping for a quick response.  Of course nothing on Sunday, so we both spent the day worried about what was going on.  I had just paid 400 dollars to board the cats for 2 weeks while we were on our trips, and had started planning the trips as well as had set up the cats to be able to fly home with us.
So this morning, I was heading out the door to yoga, and Josh emailed me.  Turns out they need him here and don't have a spot for him at the office right now.  We will now be here until around Nov 26 or 27.  Well thats what they tell us right now.  I wouldn't be shocked if it is longer.
I know I was a bit sad to leave, but to get totally packed, and ready to go, say goodbye to people here, make plans here and with family and then get told we aren't leaving is a real blow.  At the end of October I will have been out of the US for 6 months.  This is kind of a maximum that I am allowed with my greencard.  Any longer and they can basically say that I'm not allowed in.  And Jinx is getting sick, and I was hoping to get him home and settled again before he starts to get really sick so he is comfortable and we don't have to fly with a sick stressed out cat.  I don't want to put him through that.
Why is it that companies don't care about their employees anymore?  They obviously knew that this was going on last week, and it seems everyone knew except for the people that it matters most to.  Why did they tell us, yes for sure we are done, and spend the money to book our tickets and take it back?  Ridiculous.  All of these employees and their wives and families have given up so much, and been pawns for so long it has us wondering if it is really worth it to work for a company that makes it so obvious they don't care.
That is the end of my rant for now.  I may have more, and I am starting to come to terms with two more months here.  It sounds like we will still get our two week rollout to go back to Maine and also do at least our Machu Picchu trip so that will make it a bit better.  It is such a stress!  I guess I will start unpacking!
Thank you to my lovely friend Mariya that took me out for a mani pedi and Pinkberry to cheer me up today!  Check out her crafty blog My.Craft.Affair.  I'm also a model on it today ;)

I guess i should mention though that on Friday I FINALLY got my actual Green Card!  So it really is one less worry!  Here we are!

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